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And, You Thought Your Pets Feed Bag Was Just for Feed!

Market for retailers is the time you search for the items you know your customers like….and the time to search for the items you have not seen ANYWHERE. Sometimes, it seems like finding a needle in a haystack, and you go home with great items but nothing new and different. Well, not this time. While strolling the aisles of what the Dallas Market Center calls Cash & Carry, I came across the product I’ve never seen before….and, they are from Texas….and it is recycled….and has a great price. I hit the tri-fecta! So, I introduce to you recycled woven plastic feed bags from dog, cat, cattle, horse and deer feed sacks that are now lunch totes, messenger bags, tote bags and more! If you know a guys-guy who won’t carry that “silly” diaper bag his wife has….the Record Rack Deer Messenger bag is for HIM!!!!!
THAT is what I like about market. You find the WOW item, the “geez, who thought of that one!?” Thanks Dallas Market Center – we have had a great market and you guys have done an awesome job!!


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These Kids Are Ready!

Puck's Boys

The boys aren’t going to forget their dad this Father’s Day. What about you? Got gift?

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Thanks To Dads Who Are More Than Fathers

Kurtz Design

Any man can be a father. But the ones we call lovingly refer to as “dad” is a special man. One week from today is Father’s Day. That day my daughter and I will celebrate with a special dad, a guy who took on fatherhood at 50. A guy who looks at his “daughter” with as much love as any man who was there for her birth. A guy who takes calls at midnight to discuss a paper she can’t finish. A guy who makes sure her oil is changed. A guy who plays Scrabble and teases her about using the word “like”, like way too much. He acts tough, doesn’t show a lot of emotion, is the most logical guy on the planet. But, I know he is proud to finally get to celebrate Father’s Day, and is proud to have her in his life.
This Father’s Day, if you are lucky enough to have a dad give him a special hug. He might not admit it, but I bet he’s enjoying every minute of it!

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Got Scout, Will Travel

Bungalow Scout Assortment

So, it’s the beginning of summer. Time to travel, even if it is just back and forth from swim team, art class and to McDonalds. So, we decided to bring our fabulous Scout storage products and do a trunk show. With the first 20 orders we are giving away a free pair of flip-flops, and everyone can register to win a great duffle on wheels!! I know many of you are like, “great, she’s telling us about something we can’t participate in!” Well, yes, you can. I took an order yesterday for someone working on an oil rig for his wife!
Anyway, these products are fabulous to leave in the trunk to store “stuff”. Got toys? You NEED this storage system!! Going to the beach? The 4 Boys bag is fabulous. Tripping over magazines? We gotcha’ covered. Files flipping you out? That’s right, there’s a Scout with your name on it. So, go check it out at, pick what you want, email (, call (979-732-6900), fax (979-732-6903), Facebook (The Silver Barn Fan Page) or respond here and we will set you up.
I don’t normally blatantly promote on this blog, but this is great. Sent princess daughter off to college with this stuff and she still uses it. Not saying she’s organized, but, well, I’d be afraid to see her apartment if she DIDN’T have Scout!

Flipping for Flip Flops

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Milton Saves Summer 2010

Milton & the Miltonettes

2009 was a horrible summer. It was the 7th hottest June on record. We went for over 40 days without rain. Temps hovered well over 100. Milton saved the day. There are some of you who have followed this blog since last spring when Milton made his debut with his other friends as we welcomed spring 2009. They all sat in the window enjoying the gentle spring rains. One by one our delightful little ducks wearing their Wellies and carrying their little umbrellas, moved to new homes. Milton was soon the only duck left. We packed him away for next spring. The rain stopped. The heat started. We brought Milton back out on a lark. We got rain. Many have asked to buy Milton, he is NOT for sale.
So, this summer, just to make sure, we have brought Milton back out and added a few tiny little friends. They are interested in finding a new home. Milton is quite fine living in the Silver Barn. Oh, and if you are wondering…yes, we’ve had rain. Thus far, it’s been a pretty nice summer. A bit humid, but we’ll solve that NEXT week.

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A Special Visit

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples & Cynthia Sutton-Stolle

We were very EXCITED to have a visit from Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples to our little retail corner of the globe. The GO TEXAN Program is such a wonderful program for Texas based products and retailers and I’m very proud to be a part of it. We proudly display the logo and sell Texas products whenever possible and we have met some wonderful folks through our search for great Texas items. From Texas Traditions to Marty Anderson Pottery, we’ve been lucky to find unusual products for our store, and much of that is thanks to the GO TEXAN Program. This is a big state and this program enabled us to find some fabulous resources. Thanks to Commissioner Todd Staples for stopping by and to all the folks who work to make the GO TEXAN program what it is – a great way to support retail in Texas! Visit the website for more details.

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Summer…Time For A Good Book


We text, blog, Tweet…but do we still read? No, not reading for work, reading our dropping stock market portfolio or the instructions for operating the DVD player. No, reading for pleasure, for fun? And, aren’t we showing our children that reading is not essential? This summer, when loading up the car for that summer trip, in addition to those DVD’s stop at The Silver Barn and add in some books. Show your kids what a book truly does – lets their imagination run wild. Lets them decide how the dinosaur sounds when he screams “Eek”, let’s them find the hyena hiding in the bushes and let’s them learn how Walter The Farting Dog did at the Beach!
Just in time for summer, we brought in our largest selection of children’s books ever. We have books that play animal night sounds while the reader reads about that animal, books that teach, entertain and inform. Plus, books to keep the little ones entertained when playing in the tub! Now, THAT is reading! And, we have my favorite baby book – “Hello, Texas”. We start Texas pride VERY EARLY AROUND HERE!!

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