Silver Barn is SEXY!

Voluspa $29.95

A candle is a candle. Uh, no. A candle is so much more. A good candle smells just as good before you light that match as it does afterwards. A great candle uses natural ingredients such as essential oil to create the scents. A fabulous candle is our store favorite – Voluspa. No matter what scent we have brought in from this great candle company, we find a new favorite. The new Maison Collection is so fabulous because the lid is vented, so even when the candle is not burning a soft waft of fragrance permeates the room. This is the best hostess gift I’ve come across in a long time. Why? Because they can put it in your guest room for you to enjoy!
So, today, as we watched a gentle rain outside, we enjoyed the fragrant combination of Orange & Myrhh and everyone who came in to the Silver Barn said this was a “sexy” scent. And they say Sex is in the City!


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