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Going, Going, Gone!

The Auction Barn

Today, after taking some time to thank our military for their service to our country, it was time to go to our favorite auction location and get some great finds for the store. We found all kinds of goodies you will see soon in our store and on this site. We found a darling new four-poster bed, a darling little girls wicker chair, a scary doll to go with it (EEK!), a fabulous washstand that will house a new collection of goodies coming later this summer, and a super cool antique organ roll! Wait until you see that one!
So, as Memorial Day comes to an end I am thankful I have the freedom to spend my day salvaging old furniture and deciding what I want to put in MY store, vs. being forced to do something else. How lucky am I to have the freedom that someone else made possible. Thank you Uncles Edgar & Conn Mims, Jr. and father-in-law Wilbert Stolle, you believed we should all have any opportunity we wished and I’m a living recipient of your love. Carry on, but remember your military heroes every day!


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Get Ready for Summer

Chalkboard Dresser $389

Ah, the beginning of summer. Time to move outside and enjoy the great outdoors. A hot trend these last several years has been creating a great outdoor living environment. The American flag should fly proudly all summer long outside on the patio – it is made of birch branches and will weather beautifully. For those lucky enough to have a garden room, I love the weathered chalkboard chest of drawers. What a great place to put those garden gloves and clippers, an extra pair of reading glasses, some great reading material for those evenings where listening to the sound of kids playing in the neighborhood is more inviting than the TV. Ah, the beginning of summer, what a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy every moment and check back with us from time to time when you’re sitting with a nice, cold glass of lemonade and let us know how your summer is going. We’ll be here!

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Do You Need a Cuddle Tonight?

Recently on an episode of “Old Christine” they were talking about, and demonstrating, how comforting a swaddling blanket is for a baby – no matter how old. By the end of the show all the adults were wrapped in swaddling blankets asleep on the sofa. A few days later in walks Diana Cregan, a lovely Australian mom, who moved to America and saw a need. A need for some cuddling, er, swaddling blankets for babies. These ultra-fine, 39 square inch cotton blankets minimize overheating, are great as stroller shades or for nursing privacy. I loved them, and the idea of how comforting these could be, that I sent them to my newest, tiny, precious family member – Sir Paxton Esq. – So, while I’m not there to give you a comforting hug from time to time, may you know that each time your mommy and daddy wrap you in one of our Koala Kuddles, it comes with an extra hug from Aunt Cynthia!
And, to think it all came about ‘cuz Diana saw our store, came in hoping we’d be interested in carrying her product!

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A New Life

Me & #1001

I moved back to Texas six years ago and began a life I never imagined I’d be so lucky to live. I have a great store, a great husband, a daughter who makes me proud every day and the opportunity to raise white tail deer and enjoy their antics. Yes, in addition to spending my days moving stuff around to create fun displays, ordering holiday or some other goodie for someone, or helping a bride register for her new life, I also raise deer with my husband as the owners of SIS Ranch. These little babies are the highlight of each summer season for me. Finding them, giving them their medicine and giving out names (for girls) it’s a new gift every day.
Today was the first baby of the new season. His mom is Pepper and his dad is Puck. He also had a brother who preferred to not have his picture taken.
This was a glorious week. It began with the birth of a long-awaited baby cousin, Paxton and ended with the first deer birth of the season. Every day is a new day and the beginning of a new life of happiness and beauty. Thank you followers and friends, thank you customers, thank you Pepper & Puck and thank you God for giving me a new life.


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For My College Fans…This Plate’s For YOU

Every state has their college football rivalry. Michigan vs. Michigan State….Florida State vs. Florida, and so on. However, few match the Texas rivalry of University of Texas vs. Texas A&M. I’ve lived across the country and never seen anything quite like it. So, in the spirit of the season — the graduation season — I invite those dedicated to the maroon & gray and those that bleed orange & white to show their spirit with our latest selection from Magnolia Lane and Varsity China. These are two companies that I think offer the most fun products for our fabulous fans. And, we haven’t forgotten our Tiger, Frog & Bear fans. (Go Frogs! But, there is no prejudice here.) We have brought in the newest selections available. With graduation it is time to say — “NOW, party at your house!!” to those little darlings that have had 16 years to sponge, er, party at yours!!
Happy graduation to all those we know and love who have worked diligently these last four years, and to their parents who are about to say “yep, they are off my insurance!”

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Hot Handbags for Hip Half-Pints

Handbags...we got 'em

Ah, spring….summer just around the corner. It’s time to spruce up that wardrobe. A new dress, a couple of cute summer T’s, new strappy sandals, and of course…a new handbag. Just because some of our customers are under the age of 12 doesn’t mean they don’t want to look fashionable! Hey, when was the last time your Coach carrier or Prada purse came with a furry buddy to keep you company? Well, these bright and springy fashionable bags come with a selection of puppies, kitties or ponies. I mean, I can’t think of one fashion diva who would tour their favorite summer getaway without one, or two. After all, if you change your outfit you should be able to change your accessories!

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Do I Detect a Bit of Sarcasm?

Happy Birthday...I think

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m …. shall we say, somewhat sarcastic, a follower of the Dry Wit Society, or as my husband says.. rather sardonic. Well, while looking for nice, sweet cards to carry in our store, I found Uncooked Cards. Needless to say, we did not go with the sweet, nice cards, we went with Uncooked. Now, before the cards arrived I worried I had bought something that only I would truly enjoy. (We already carry MicWright, not known for their sweetness either, and they do well, so…) Well, the cards arrived, the laughs ensued and I have discovered our customers possess the same — sardonic personality. Thank goodness, I knew I loved these customers.

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