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I’m Blah….How Are You?

Horsey sits by himself Ever feel that the day is just…well, blah? It is Monday, but evidently, Twitter folks feel Thursday is the worst. It is Monday, but why is that reason to feel like you are moving in slow motion?

Some days you just want to hide behind a good book! Does it have anything to do with the day of the week? Or, is it just the blah that must hit us all in order for us to be up again tomorrow. It’s a recharge zone I guess. My computer does it – rather often. Why can’t I? Why do we tend to fight these blah moments and not let them move on through like the results of a bad sushi dinner? Because, I think we have been trained not to allow ourselves a blah moment or day. Hey, it could turn into a blah month…then year. Really? How many of us have a blah day and never get over it? That’s what Zanex is for!

Bear Reads Zoo Faces

I prefer to think that this is a recharge moment. I prefer to think playing a little hooky is good for us. I prefer to think God gets tired watching us and wants us to “just calm down.” Sometimes my mind is fed up with me. Can’t leave, so it shuts down and makes me blah. I am forced by measures who know better than I that a mental moment off is not a bad thing. God knew what he was doing when he made us, and he gave our bodies a blah button to push in an emergency.

I’ll surround myself with friends. I’ll watch the ants and wonder if they ever have a blah moment. I’ll hug my cats and tell them I love them, which I know they’ll be delighted to see me coming for that! I’ll take a walk with my husband and listen to the sound of nothing. He has mastered the art of total balance. I am the kite; he is the kid holding the string. I’ll tell my daughter to just relax, all her questions will be answered soon enough. So, today I’m feeling blah. Not a bad thing…a recharge thing. Hugs to you in blog land.

Group Hug


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Enviro-Pleasing-Plush Pluck Down at Silver Barn

Apple Park has ARRIVED!

When I went to market this season, I came back to Silver Barn with a great deal of excitement. Oh, I always get excited going to market, but this time Dallas Market was filled with fabulous finds. Things that offer value, uniqueness, and continue to make Silver Barn a special shopping experience.
We started with the wild commemorative wine glasses (anyone from 21 up), then we introduced this week our new MOGO bracelets (anyone 6 and up), and now….we are proud to introduce Apple Park Picnic Pets (anyone – period).
What is Apple Park? It is probably the cutest collection of baby plush I’ve ever found. From the wrist rattle to the finger puppets, hand puppets and plush, these darling bunnies, monkeys, bears and more are a collectible. They even come with a fabulous decorative hat box so they can be carefully saved for the next generation. Plus, Apple Park is eco-friendly and is certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standards.
I don’t have little ones, heck, I don’t have grandkids (yet) but I love these precious little animals. They make me giggle. They jump in my arms and run around the store with me, urging me to pet them as we walk around. They want to go home with you. So, call the store and ask for Bunny, Lamby, Monkey and any of their friends….

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Hot Summer Party Idea

Melamine by Le Cadeaux

Hot town. Summer in the city. Back of my neck gettin’ hot and gritty…..but, the weekends make it all worth living!! Living through the week to get to the weekend? Looking for something good to serve? Looking for something to serve it on? We have everything you need. And, the best part — this dinnerware is melamine. Yes, melamine. It won’t break, crack or leak through to your fabulous white pants. And, it looks like fabulously expensive Italian dinnerware. Then, you take the “Tacos & Salsa” cookbook we just got in and create something fabulous. Then, text your friends and tell them to come on over — to enjoy summer in the city at your place!

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Texas, My Texas

A Salute to the Lone Star State

I am originally from Texas, by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. I was raised here, my grandfather’s father came here with the railroad before the turn of the century. Other than stints living back in Las Vegas and a fabulous 12 years in Chicago, I’ve always been a Texas girl. With all my travels, I’ve never seen a state so darn proud of itself. Everyone talks about Chicago, New York, LA, Vegas…but, Texas is, well, TEXAS. Yeah, you hear Dallas or Houston mentioned, but pretty much Texas is as they say in the song, a state of mind.

So, as I was moving the store around today I decided to say thank you to the people, the sites, the way of just being Texan that is hard to explain to anyone not lucky enough to be from this incredible place. It didn’t take long before I had a huge homage to everything Texas. From Jon Bonnell’s fabulous Texas cookbook to cowboy etiquette (yes, it does exist and I know some folks in places I won’t name that could learn from this book), to a plaque that proclaims a personal love of Texas and that Lone Star is everywhere around here. For all my years in Chicago I barely knew the state flag; Chicago flag – yes. Here, it is Texas state flags everywhere.

The stars at night are big and bright…deep in the Heart of Texas. Howdy from Texas. Y’all come on down and visit soon!

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Personalize This!


So, today while I was moving stuff around at the store I moved these clever coffee cups…and then, I moved some pewter monogram labels we carry next to them. While I was deciding what to put where, I started looking at the cups…then at the labels. “Hmm, wonder if the label would look good on the cups?” So, the cup met the label….


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Now THIS is a personalized coffee cup!

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