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The Temps!

IMG_0348 (2)

Whenever I come back from market, many of our customers ask, “What did you find?”  Quite often I say the best things I found were “in the temps”.  So, I thought I’d tell you about one discovery I made this year “IN THE TEMPS” which is the temporary showrooms.  These guys don’t have fancy showrooms with numerous reps helping and food and wine all around.  These guys are in a 10×10 booth crammed with merchandise and staff and hopefully customers.  (I always feel bad when I walk by an empty booth, they look so lonely.)

This time “in the temps” I found a great new company called Knollwood Lane where there were all sorts of new and different items.  From pillows to wall decor to a lazy susan out of an old tree to burb cloths featuring cute sayings.  Basically, my kind of place.  One stop shopping for all the areas of my two stores – Columbus and La Grange.  And, their booth was packed!  I love all of my traditional, showroom vendors and reps.  They know me, know the store, know what we carry so they don’t try to sell me crystal and chrome chandeliers in a Tuscan-Lodge rustic environment.  That is where the Temps can be a problem.  And, through the years I’ve seen some Temp vendors we’ve found move up to showrooms and find great success.  Nora Fleming and Mary Lake Thompson come to mind, and we’ve enjoyed watching and being a part of their growth.

But, there is something about finding that needle in a haystack that makes it all worth exploring the wonderful world of TEMPS.  So, when you explore our stores you will find those hidden gems as well, and we hope you feel the way we do when we find something very special.  That is our goal.  That is why we are here. That is why shopping independent is so important.  We all support independence and creativity in one form or another



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Spring Cleaning – Retailer Style


Between the Gift Market and a trip to Los Angeles (more on that coming up), then back to market for Apparel, I’ve been out of the store a lot. When I finally landed back at home base I felt the need to start my spring cleaning. Yes, I know it is only February, but with all the great stuff I saw I just wanted to get ready for its arrival.

So, I completely redid the baby area. If one single strand can undo an entire sweater, then I have re-knitted an entire area. By the time I was done it was not only ‘ready for spring’, it was rebuilt, remodeled and renovated.

Now, on to the rest of the store.



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Dress for Success…baby style

Zutano $19.95

I was excited to finally get our new fall baby onesies, especially since I have some new babies in my life. I remember when my “baby” was little, those onesies made my life so much easier. But, 25 years ago they were all a basic white, pink, blue or yellow…YAWN! Now here we finally have some fabulous colors and patterns to choose from. So, this is dedicated to my precious new family members…Emily & Paxton. You deserve all these fun new colors! Hmm, Emily might be donning the Cottage Garden….or, Marigold…or Zoo. And, as for Paxton, I’m thinking It’s a Jungle…no, Monkeys….hmm, or Zoo Too! I can’t wait to see what I end up selecting for my two new family additions….Stay tuned.

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And, They’re OFF!

There I was, unpacking loads of new goodies for the kids, box cutter in hand, paper on the floor all around….and then, a sound. It was “aah-hem” sort of thing. I turned and noticed all the little animals and their suitcases staring back at me. I was not alone. “Cow” was trying to talk to “Horse.” “Kitty” was smiling and waving at me. “Ballerina Bear” was trying to slip out of her straps to take to the floor, and everyone else was giggling…when I wasn’t watching.

No, I’m not insane. Yes, I’m probably considered more left brained than right. Yes, I hear conversations with all animals…living or stuffed. So, what is wrong with that? No, I have considered the fact I probably spend way too much time at the store!!

This is why I love what I do. I get to play with all the toys. Enjoy all the china. Relax with all the candles. What a life. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get back to the kids. They are preparing a midnight race around the store and they need a checkered flag!

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Enviro-Pleasing-Plush Pluck Down at Silver Barn

Apple Park has ARRIVED!

When I went to market this season, I came back to Silver Barn with a great deal of excitement. Oh, I always get excited going to market, but this time Dallas Market was filled with fabulous finds. Things that offer value, uniqueness, and continue to make Silver Barn a special shopping experience.
We started with the wild commemorative wine glasses (anyone from 21 up), then we introduced this week our new MOGO bracelets (anyone 6 and up), and now….we are proud to introduce Apple Park Picnic Pets (anyone – period).
What is Apple Park? It is probably the cutest collection of baby plush I’ve ever found. From the wrist rattle to the finger puppets, hand puppets and plush, these darling bunnies, monkeys, bears and more are a collectible. They even come with a fabulous decorative hat box so they can be carefully saved for the next generation. Plus, Apple Park is eco-friendly and is certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standards.
I don’t have little ones, heck, I don’t have grandkids (yet) but I love these precious little animals. They make me giggle. They jump in my arms and run around the store with me, urging me to pet them as we walk around. They want to go home with you. So, call the store and ask for Bunny, Lamby, Monkey and any of their friends….

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Milestones…Keeping Track of Success

It was just one year ago today that The Silver Barn expanded to include the upstairs area of our century old building. In that last year I have made lots of new friends, thanks to Twitter and Facebook, and all the great new folks who’ve stopped in to see our little store in the country. In the last 12 months, The Velvet Frog as gained quite a following, we’ve expanded to include a comprehensive bridal assortment and begun adding a variety of antique pieces perfect for your city condo our country compound. We’ve added pets (thanks for your help Vegas & Wrigley), expanded baby to include apparel, more books and plush suitcases we’ve shipped all over the country. We all got another year older, but another year wiser in the way of retail (sort of), and now we are ready to get going with a new array of items to celebrate over the next 365 days.
Thank you for following us, thank you for buying from us….but most importantly, thank you for encouraging us to keep moving along in building the best little store in the best little town of Columbus. You now have 365 days to make plans to come see us in person. We’ll leave a light on for ‘ya and a cold one in the fridge. See you soon!!

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From Market to Store

So, we hauled our fabulous find home and immediately put a display together to show everyone what they can do with a feed sack! Carry groceries, throw it in the car for an emergency storage unit, diaper bag for the guys, lunch….it is so fun. And, I thought it might be fun to see how we take an idea from the showroom to the store!


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