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What’s Round Top?

Lamp shade

Two times a year, for about 10 days, the little towns between Warrenton and Carmine grow from about 3,000 to about 100,000 as shoppers and vendors alike descend on what is known as the Round Top Antique Show. If you spent every day perusing this 15 mile stretch of shopping paradise, you’d not finish! From the wide array of booths in Warrenton to the fabulous tents of Marburger Farms, there is no limit to what you might find.

For example, I found these cool lampshades from old images and postcards. Perfect for the ranch house that has everything! Then, I found great lamp bases that were so unique and special – I bought two! Also found a huge assortment of Mexican papier mache fruit – I love this stuff.

The best thing about the Warrenton-Round Top-Marburger experience is how the hunt is sometimes better than the find! Well, no, finding those treasures is the best part. Actually, the best part is coming home at the end of walking for 8 hours and falling into bed.

If you ever make it down to Round Top be prepared – everything is bigger in Texas, and we ain’t kidding!

Horse, Rooster & Deer lamp shades


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Having a Happy Day?

How many times have we heard, ‘well, I’m not in it for the money.’? Well, I always liked Marilyn Monroe, and this time – she said it best. If you aren’t in it for the money, you are in love with what you do. I am happy every day at the store. I’m happy every day I get to see customers. I’m happy with my life. Any of us that can say that are the luckiest, most wonderful people in the world.

I am happy, that is what makes me wonderful in my everyday life. So, have a happy day, no matter what you do. Not happy? Figure out a way to do what you were meant to do. It can happen, believe me, believe in yourself, and be wonderful.

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Easter

Mr. Higgins

With Easter so late this year I was getting anxious holding all those bunnies back. They get so forceful at times! I’m glad we are finally there. Mr. Higgins has taken center stage. Peter Rabbit prepares to celebrate his 75th birthday, yes 75th! And, our bevy of bunny beauties will start parading by your screen daily. Oh, and yes, we have some cute chicks too!

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THIS is Texas

I’ve lived all over the country, but Texas has a unique pull than only a Texan can truly understand. Visitors always comment about how the state flag is EVERYWHERE! Most don’t even know what their state flag looks like!! There is another aspect of Texas that is unique – the rodeo. Oh yeah, There is the Calgary Stampede, National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and other states have their version of a rodeo. But in Texas it is a way of life. The kids raise their sheep, goats and rabbits. The barrel racers practice as long and hard as the baseball team. And, when it all comes together it is Texas Sized, Texas Grand, Texas Style – all – the – way!

Even the Texas ranch reflects that larger than life rodeo lifestyle, and that Texas ranch could be here in the country, or a downtown high rise! That is one thing I love about the store, finding unique pieces that reflect that style and yet not look like the rodeo clown did the decorating!

So, as the Houston rodeo starts today for a fabulous 3-week run, let’s all bring a little rodeo home! It’s what makes Texas a unique decorating experience.

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