College Grads CAN Cook! Trust Me..


So, your little darlings are graduated from college, AND you are lucky enough NOT to have them coming home to live with you for awhile…or longer! But, these precious babies can barely boil water. In fact, you’re not especially sure they can even do that. Microwave popcorn? Now that is a sure thing. However, as you know, these newly minted graduates headed to the corporate world can not survive on popcorn alone, or eating out on your credit card. What is a parent to do? Well, sending them to the Cordon Bleu is out of the question, and the Food Network will not truly train them to prepare a great meal — within their budget. So, we found a great grad gift! This little cookbook helps all our future leaders and captains of industry eat decent meals without calling you every 10 minutes or showing up for “grub” on a regular basis. After all, you helped move all those pots and pans to their new apartment for them to use, not just look good in the cupboard!
Bon Appitit!


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