Thanks To Dads Who Are More Than Fathers

Kurtz Design

Any man can be a father. But the ones we call lovingly refer to as “dad” is a special man. One week from today is Father’s Day. That day my daughter and I will celebrate with a special dad, a guy who took on fatherhood at 50. A guy who looks at his “daughter” with as much love as any man who was there for her birth. A guy who takes calls at midnight to discuss a paper she can’t finish. A guy who makes sure her oil is changed. A guy who plays Scrabble and teases her about using the word “like”, like way too much. He acts tough, doesn’t show a lot of emotion, is the most logical guy on the planet. But, I know he is proud to finally get to celebrate Father’s Day, and is proud to have her in his life.
This Father’s Day, if you are lucky enough to have a dad give him a special hug. He might not admit it, but I bet he’s enjoying every minute of it!


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