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What’s In An Ornament?

We all have boxes and boxes of ornaments sitting in our garage for 11 months of the year. But once a year we dig all those boxes out and carefully put together an exhibit of our collection. We buy new ornaments to add to that “perfect look”. As retailers we love to feed this annual addition to the presentation. However, there is one thing that stops all of us in our tracks. The vintage ornaments from our parents and grandparents. We treasure these trinkets like Tiffany’s diamonds. Yet many originally cost less than the kilo watt minute we spend lighting them up. I took my grandparents ornaments and placed them in the beautiful punch bowl that was once owned by my late mother-in-law. I merged two families into one beautiful presentation. Isn’t that what the holidays are about? Merging families and traditions is what the holidays are all about. So, once again we will carefully pack up those ornaments because we know someday our children will remember the year we added this ornament or that ornament to our collection. The tradition will move along, one ornament at a time. Happy holidays, and happy tradition gathering to one and all!


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Lenox Meets Santa

Lenox & Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been a VERY good kitty this year. Well, it is my first year as a kitty, but I’ve been really good! So, I want catnip mice, a motorized mouse, a tree filled with….mice & extra hugs from my mom. Oh, and all my friends who come visit me should get really good stuff too!

Okay, thanks. Lenox

Oh, one more thing. Can I have a toy car to run around in the store? I saw this mouse named Stuart Little with a car, so I want one. Thanks

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Here’s a New Word – Twitdor – Twitter Vendor

Imageglow Candles

Let’s face it, we retailers all hope that we have not only an eye for finding interesting things at market, but then have some idea of how to put it all together to create an interesting look when it arrives at our store.

Then, there is the occasional vendor you find through say…..twitter, and their product gives you something new and different, something that completes all the ideas you’ve ever had! Thanks to Imageglow Candles we found a unique product in their candles that adds that special touch. Thanks Imageglow for being on Twitter. And, if you ever want to place a bet – they aren’t bad company either! Happy Holidays to my Twitdor!

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Artoo...less than festive

Artoo, the guy with an opinion wanted to say a few words tonight about this festive holiday season….Is IT Over Yet? Why does the season get so many people down? Put them in a bad mood? Frustration abounds, traffic is horrible and the only happy sounds are the ones coming from your All Holiday Music station. Why? Because we all try to cram 12 months of love and affection into one month and one special gift. We race to the store, stand and stare waiting for that special, one-to-remember item to jump out at us. When we can’t find it we seek help. Ah, there in lies the problem. We seek help in the shopping center, the department store the mega-whatever. This is why I’m happy to report we are seeing more people in our area shopping locally. We even have city folks coming to the country to shop with friends. They want to share the excitement of their search and they want someone to help them find that special find. Some people are great gift givers. We all know them, we all have things in our home that remind us how special they are to know us so well. Some people are bad gift givers. It’s a sad truth. We all know them too. They know who they are and they don’t want to always be in the re-gift closet. They are the ones you see racing through the mall; they are the ones who look like Artoo. While Christmas is not about the gift, it is TRULY about the thought, we still want to do something special. So, we can shop locally and enjoy getting to know our area retailers, avoid traffic jams and keep what we do spend flowing back into our neck of the woods…not elsewhere. So, don’t be the bah-humbug party cat. Be the party animal you truly are and head to your friendly, local retailer. They ACTUALLY have folks there to help you be a gift-giving star. Imagine….help from a retailer. What a thought! Now, go and enjoy.

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Zack & Lenox

This picture of my friend Zack is what The Silver Barn means to me. It is customers feeling they are visiting with a friend when they stop by. It is hearing customers talk about how they run into each other more here than elsewhere in town. It is helping friends buy for each other. Yes, Silver Barn is about making sales and building a business, but isn’t the foundation of that business it’s people? Whether they are shoppers or employees? I go to market and think about certain customers when I’m buying. They don’t always buy what I find, but I think they feel comfortable around the things I buy because they identify with the style of the store. When my young friend Zack comes by, he and Lenox peruse the store. Currently, Lenox has helped him hide a pony he is hoping Santa will pick up for him. His mom and I have both told him Santa stops here and Lenox will have all the goodies ready. She is a Santa Helper. Lenox, Debbie, Karlie & I treat everyone like a friend because they are a friend, stopping by to get ideas and find a gift for this friend, or that one. That is what Silver Barn means to me – creating a place for friends. Try to do THAT Macy’s – you’d do better than your constant sales!

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Here’s to Hope!

It’s a season of hope. Why can’t all seasons be “a season of hope,” I wondered aloud to my husband. “Because, after awhile it wouldn’t be as special to everyone,” he responded. I know he’s right, but I wondered how to keep that spirit alive all year. Well, we do. Perhaps to a lesser degree, but we do. I have made many friends on Twitter & Facebook that keep me laughing and enjoying my life every day. Thanks Linda Marshall, Diane Tate, Leslie Carothers, Nicole Reyhle, Elizabeth Howard, Wanda Horton, and so many others for becoming my friends. You bring hope and joy to my life every day. I hope I do the same. Have a happy holiday season and may it last 365 days!

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Shop Local

Happy Holidays!

That festive holiday season begins. Retailers love the jingle-jangle of the cash registers and everyone loves the fun and festivities. This Thursday we participated in our 4th annual Ladies Night Out in Columbus. So many towns and communities have created this special night or weekend to generate sales and local excitement. We love to see the community come together. We love the local sales – not only at Silver Barn, but at all local establishments. If your town is not doing an event for everyone to join in, start one yourself. Don’t be afraid you might lose sales to another retailer. The more we can all encourage folks to shop locally, the better it is for each of us. Just ask all the fast food and service stations along the highway. They are all there together. If it works for them, imagine what it can do for you.

So, The Silver Barn comes alive with lights and excitement and celebrates over 100 years of serving this local community in one way or another. Happy holidays!


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