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And, Here We Go….

Our annual Witches’ Tea is one of the most fun events of the year for me. I LOVE Halloween. And, as a retailer it is a sort of unofficial kick-off for the big things that come with fourth quarter. But, more importantly, as we conduct our 4th annual Witches’ Tea we now have kids all over looking forward to the day the Silver Barn is turned over to them to create all kinds of fun things with pumpkins, eat goodies and not have to watch mom doing that boring shopping stuff! THIS is what the store is all about, creating events that create memories. So, on Saturday we kick off the holiday season of shopping for us, and another season of memories for our littlest customers. Here we go again!


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A Trip to Marburger Farms is Like a Trip to the Idea Bank

Repurpose This!

How many times do we all stand there looking at things that are being thrown away and think, “there must be SOMETHING useful there.” That is one of my favorite things about attending Marburger Farms Antique show each season; seeing all the great artists who come up with unusual and unique ways of salvaging all kinds of things and making them new again.

From lamps based on vintage pictures and postcards at Found Images, to vintage transit route signs turned into pillows, chairs, ottomans, you name it, at British Route Signs Designs, I found myself falling in love with stuff all over the place!!

Marburger is one of those design events that celebrates the special and I think everyone should stroll the aisles at least once in their life. Now, let’s see how much I brought home….

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The Living Display

Find the Kitty!

Lenox, our store kitty always likes to see things from every angle. She helps me see the little things too. And, isn’t it the little things that take a display from a two-dimensional look to one with depth, one that makes you say, “yep, it’s perfect now!”

How often do we as merchandisers shift, stand and look, shift again, stand and look and move one final item just a little to the left? How often is that final move the “IT” that makes it perfect? How often does a little eight-pound kitty come along and shift it again – making it even better! Proving you can’t take this job…and this life TOO seriously!

Hello There!

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Helping A Community That Has Helped Us All

When I opened Silver Barn almost four years ago I never dreamed I would gain so many friends. Oh, I thought I’d get to know folks in our little community, but never dreamed the depth that friendship would go. Now, I see many of those friends fighting to keep their homes and property from burning in an area wildfire that has affected over 2000 acres in our county alone.

Columbus, like much of Texas is under siege by the worst drought in over 100 years and now over 22 new fires have sprung up around our area. All of our volunteer fire departments are being stretched to the limits while they try to save lives, homes, animals, businesses and our beautiful Texas landscape.

I wondered how to help. I can’t donate food, I’m not a restaurant, but I can donate our store as a place for customers and friends to come and make a financial donation in our Donation Pot to help the volunteer firemen in our area. The Silver Barn is in such a great, central location just about anyone can easily stop by and drop some change into our Charity donation jar. The funds will be turned over to area VFD chiefs for them to distribute to the volunteer firefighters have chosen to continue to work the fire, save lives and homes, putting their own lives on hold. Or, since this fire has probably taxed fire department budgets so severely, the donations can offset some of the financial burden on these departments.

The store has enabled me to make many friends who have been there to help us grow. Now, it is our turn to show our thanks and give back in any way we can. Each week we’ll take whatever funds are donated and add to it to give these hardworking, volunteer families a little relief.

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Doors Open All Kinds of Things….

“Where the heck have YOU been?” ask some of our blog followers. And, for quite some time I just didn’t have an answer. Well, we have been busy. Moving kids upstairs, moving Brighton to a special area, cleaning, redoing, ordering, shifting…and throwing in a tiny little vacation. But, to not communicate with our blog friends is like taking a sabbatical from our customers, no valid excuse for that.

So, today, after months of this…that and everything else. It hit me. Literally. As we were loading a great door I salvaged from an old hotel being torn down, it fell back on me. It hit me. “You are opening a new door for me!” Without knowing, we open doors every day to new adventures, new ideas, new directions. I sometimes wonder if we choose the path we take, or the path chooses us by moving in our way. Now, a door that stood in place for over 70 years, holding secrets, opening dreams, and for the last 30 years doing its part to keep a building together, moves to our little store to become a beacon of what one little door can do…open up new ideas.

Today, our little door left on a journey to get some tender, loving care. When she returns she will do what doors rarely do….well, I’m not ready to tell you all those secrets that lie behind a door!!

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