And, You Thought Your Pets Feed Bag Was Just for Feed!

Market for retailers is the time you search for the items you know your customers like….and the time to search for the items you have not seen ANYWHERE. Sometimes, it seems like finding a needle in a haystack, and you go home with great items but nothing new and different. Well, not this time. While strolling the aisles of what the Dallas Market Center calls Cash & Carry, I came across the product I’ve never seen before….and, they are from Texas….and it is recycled….and has a great price. I hit the tri-fecta! So, I introduce to you recycled woven plastic feed bags from dog, cat, cattle, horse and deer feed sacks that are now lunch totes, messenger bags, tote bags and more! If you know a guys-guy who won’t carry that “silly” diaper bag his wife has….the Record Rack Deer Messenger bag is for HIM!!!!!
THAT is what I like about market. You find the WOW item, the “geez, who thought of that one!?” Thanks Dallas Market Center – we have had a great market and you guys have done an awesome job!!


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