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I MUST Object!

Beware the dog...the cat not trustworthy either

Really? Really? We thought this was a good item to bring to the store? Really? “Beware of the dog, the cat is not trustworthy either.” I must say, kiss my furry little…..butt. I’ll show you some trust. I trust that this is NOT coming into our house. I trust that any cat that reads this will help their house staff see the errors of their ways. (Yes, cats read…geez). My little shopkeeper/servant may think this is a cute item for the store but she has also been known to laugh milk out of her nose. A brain trust she is not. I think there are lots of other products we could feature here. How about all the darn bunnies in the store? How about a new clock or something? But, no we want to feature a let’s-not-trust-the-cat. You think this is a good thing? Hmm…let’s think about it…..Smart, loving cats or slobbery, smelling dogs? I’m just sayin’!
Signed, Artoo

Artoo's Op Ed


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HOW Many Remotes do You Have?


I love products that have a vintage look to them. I also love products that can perform something more than simply looking pretty. Ta-da! This box fits the bill perfectly. I hate remotes, they sure do take away from your home decor, unless your home decor is early boy bachelor pad (which comes complete with an ultra-suede recliner and shag carpet). So, this ethnic-inspired piece would look great on the den coffee table AND gobbles up those pesky (but necessary) remotes for the TV, DVD, sound system……unless of course losing the remote in the sofa cushion is more of your style!

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What Makes Silver Barn so Special?

Iron candleholder $80; Imageglow candle

Besides our customers, what makes Silver Barn so special? We work hard to find products that are unique, local artisans that have a special offering, foods that are more than a new take on the old sour cream dip. But, one element I never considered when opening the store was how we would find fabulous vendors through Twitter. @ImageGlow, @Petscribbles have added to our unique symphony of goodies. How would I ever have found these two unique and special people and their fabulous products if not for Twitter? THAT is an element of our store that I think is so very, very special – we find the unique, the special, from unusual places, merge them together and create pieces that work for any of our customers.
A perfect example is our fabulous wall piece – a hand-crafted iron sconce featuring a fleur de lis created by an artist out of Katy, Texas, and a great candle from ImageGlow. The delicate scoll work on the candle softens the heaviness of the ironwork. Two different pieces, from totally opposite ends of the country, merging in our little store in Columbus.
Thanks Twitter for giving retailers another place to search for great products for our customers.

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Lamb Under Glass

I was looking for something to add a little whimsy to our Easter display when I saw the little lamb and the cloche at the same time. Why not? So, we have lamb under glass! More importantly, it is a great way to show customers how you can put anything together with a cloche. It doesn’t have to be greenery. Take a prized child’s toy and create a display, there are so many options. But, tonight we have a little spring lamb enjoying the personal space.

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The Jack-E-Bunny Table…and why I had to create it!

Bunny Display

So, I have a friend, Jackie. Known her for over 20 years. Knows she hates birds. Birds are big in 2010 I explain. She doesn’t care. So, for my friend Jackie, and others who are bird-phobic I created a spring display table I call the “Jack-E-Rabbit” display. I hate to tell my foe-feathered-friends that it is nearly impossible to do a spring display sans birds. I had the display all set, loved the two brass pots I turned into a floral/bunny tower and suddenly noticed – gasp – a bird candle holder. It snuck in on me I promise. But, it was quickly removed and replaced with candle holders I actually think work better. I love the brass pots, part of our truckload of goodies that arrived last week, and wanted to somehow show them in a different setting. Viola, bunny centerpiece was born. And, yes, that is a pussywillow bunny on top and on the table, and yes, they are the softest things ever.
So, Jackie, this bunny is for you – without a bird in sight! Happy spring!

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Where’s Milton?

Mysterious Mr. Milton

As we get ready for spring – bunnies, flowers and such. A question has arisen recently. Where’s the duck? Where’s Milton? Well, hmm, we are (quite honestly) afraid to bring him out. When Milton made his debut last spring, filling our windows with their cute little yellow Wellington rubber boots and umbrellas, we got our first spring showers. Nothing unusual with that. Then, as it was time to move on to something new in the windows, Milton and his friends were packed up. We figured they’d be great again this year. As the Columbus area began to get dryer and dryer, hotter and hotter, everyone was searching for a way to get rain. We laughingly said we’d bring out our ducks. So, out marched our little duck brigade. Back into the window they landed. Within four days, after almost 75 days of no rain, temperatures in the triple digits…rain. Not a lot, but enough to give everyone the feeling they might survive this long, dreadful summer. Milton’s friends all went to new homes. We decided Milton had to stay. It rained some more. And, it rained even more. Finally, it rained so much we had to take Milton out of the window and put him in the warehouse…in his box.
So, considering it has been raining here since January 1 bringing Milton out is, quite frankly, tempting fate. Milton the Rain Duck needs to be held in reserve for that time we actually need rain.
However, if any of our friends are actually facing a drought in their area, Milton is available for a visit!

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Now, THAT’S a Candelabrum!


I always love when new merchandise comes in from this vendor and that one…and then they come together in one place to make a perfect statement. I already had this table set when these candelabra came out of their box. They took the setting from WOW to POW. As merchandisers we all have displays that really click. I wish I could say this came together because of my great display prowess! However, I think it is more about the great 36″ candle display pieces. Oh well, these pieces won’t last long, so I’ll have a chance to make a new statement soon!

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