Summer…Time For A Good Book


We text, blog, Tweet…but do we still read? No, not reading for work, reading our dropping stock market portfolio or the instructions for operating the DVD player. No, reading for pleasure, for fun? And, aren’t we showing our children that reading is not essential? This summer, when loading up the car for that summer trip, in addition to those DVD’s stop at The Silver Barn and add in some books. Show your kids what a book truly does – lets their imagination run wild. Lets them decide how the dinosaur sounds when he screams “Eek”, let’s them find the hyena hiding in the bushes and let’s them learn how Walter The Farting Dog did at the Beach!
Just in time for summer, we brought in our largest selection of children’s books ever. We have books that play animal night sounds while the reader reads about that animal, books that teach, entertain and inform. Plus, books to keep the little ones entertained when playing in the tub! Now, THAT is reading! And, we have my favorite baby book – “Hello, Texas”. We start Texas pride VERY EARLY AROUND HERE!!


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