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It Takes Vision

The Bridal Room

As we begin the month of February it is time to hear the sounds of love. Well, at least hammers, paint, and drills! We are one month away from adding another room to The Silver Barn. This is a special room just for brides. Ah, those sounds of love again! At market we added new dinnerware patterns, flatware and glassware. All designed to give our brides more assortment and options as they build a new life. The bridal room will give our brides a special place to relax and see all the options available to them. So, in the next five weeks while we listen to the sound of construction, we know some of you will be hearing sounds of wedding bells. Congratulations…and we are here when you are ready.


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Believe in Forever

Believe in Forever

In a few days, February 2, Ground Hog Day, I will privately celebrate what would’ve been my grandfather’s 108th birthday. He is obviously no longer with me, but when this frame came in from Houseparts, I remembered my grandparents, two people who lived the American dream and believed in forever for themselves and their family.
My grandfather opened his own electric supply and installation company shortly after the Great Depression. He moved his family to Las Vegas when it was a tiny town in the middle of the Nevada desert. My grandparents built a business, raised a family and lived a wonderful life…all because they believed in forever. They believed their love would last forever; they believed they were establishing a foundation for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren that would enable each of us to achieve our own dreams.
I, like my grandfather, believe in forever. I, like my grandfather, am an entrepreneur at heart which gave me the faith and belief to open The Silver Barn. My daughter, like her mother and great-grandfather is now taking that entrepreneurial spirit of forever and building her own dream in The Velvet Frog. Yes, this picture frame was a mirror into the lives of two people who believed in forever. I wish my “Nana” and “Pa” were still here so I could take this funny picture I have of them riding donkeys in South America and put it in this frame. I would say to them, “thanks for believing in forever and believing in me.”
If you are lucky enough to have family members still with you who loved life, loved each other and believed in forever, this frame is for you. For me, I will take the silly donkey riding black and white picture, put it in this frame and give it to my daughter the day she gets married and tell her to “believe in forever.”
But, until that day I will simply say Happy Birthday “Pa”. I love you…forever.

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Cat Demands Equal Time

Artoo...unhappy face

“I just love classy pet items.” Oh PLEEZZE. If you love classy pet items you would have no dog items at all. They go to market and they come home with this dog art. I told them, ‘find cool pet stuff’. This? This is cool stuff? I better see classy cat stuff real soon or there will be a forced shopping trip to the Dallas market by me and Miss Vegas. We work hard keeping our svelte figure and have no time to take on the pet section at the store, but if all they can come up with is cute dog wall art, well, guess we’ll need to help. All I can say is, fellow cats, this will not continue. Spokescat Vegas is going to the store tomorrow to begin to fix this fine mess. Thanks.

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Classy Pet Decor

Pet Pics

As we expand our pet assortment I must say, I love these vintage looking images of pets. I’m excited to expand our pet assortment and provide more than great collars and shampoos. I want pet owners to have beautiful things for their homes that don’t scream ” I HEART SOMETHING”. Pet owners are NOT carnival decorators! So excited to finally find classy ways to say ” I enjoy my pet”! Enjoy.

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A Lesson in Design…A Lesson in Business

Working Class Studio

One thing I love about bringing in new products we find is helping someone take their dream to market. Well, this young company with great designs is the ultimate “new” company. Working Class Studio is a product development venture of the Savannah College of Art & Design. These students and alumni artists mix art with function to create wonderful products sold in retail stores across the country. We are very proud to be introducing this delightful dinnerware collection to our customers this spring. And, anyone that knows my love of melamine will be happy to know this dinnerware is ready for the ranch. So, when you come to the store, pick up some of our favorite outdoor dinnerware…head the ranch, grab yourself a steak and enjoy that Texas sunset. And, know you helped an artist realize a dream to combine art with function…with cash. Ah, the end to a great day is at hand.
See ya’ at the ranch!

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Table-Scape Your Way To Valetine’s Day!

Vietri Dinnerware

As we begin our new year, we are preparing a new endeavor – on March 6, 2010 we will be introducing a new Bridal Room where brides can select their china and other items for their first home in a relaxed setting. One thing I really look forward to is showing brides how they can do fun, exciting tabletop settings that do not require a great deal of money or effort. So, as we prepare this new room I thought I’d break out the china and do something fun. Besides, whether you’ve been married a year or 30, who doesn’t love to change things around and create something new? So, happy Valentine’s Day courtesy of a combination of three different Vietri patterns.

When Red Dot arrived it was pictured with holiday dinnerware. I must’ve colored outside the lines as a kid because I saw a great Valentine’s look, then I saw a festive 4th of July table…and, then I saw a holiday table. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next! Happy Valentine’s…happy table-scaping!

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Bats in the Belfry!

180 Degrees Bat & Queen

So, while we were at market looking for great new products, we get a call. Debbie, our ever-present smiling face is back home holding down the fort and it appears she has met a bat! Yes, in addition to our ghost, it appears our 100 year old building had a bat in the belfry. Often folks have thought we were crazy, guess now we can say, ah, it’s just the bat in the belfry!

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