Milton Saves Summer 2010

Milton & the Miltonettes

2009 was a horrible summer. It was the 7th hottest June on record. We went for over 40 days without rain. Temps hovered well over 100. Milton saved the day. There are some of you who have followed this blog since last spring when Milton made his debut with his other friends as we welcomed spring 2009. They all sat in the window enjoying the gentle spring rains. One by one our delightful little ducks wearing their Wellies and carrying their little umbrellas, moved to new homes. Milton was soon the only duck left. We packed him away for next spring. The rain stopped. The heat started. We brought Milton back out on a lark. We got rain. Many have asked to buy Milton, he is NOT for sale.
So, this summer, just to make sure, we have brought Milton back out and added a few tiny little friends. They are interested in finding a new home. Milton is quite fine living in the Silver Barn. Oh, and if you are wondering…yes, we’ve had rain. Thus far, it’s been a pretty nice summer. A bit humid, but we’ll solve that NEXT week.


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