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Naps Make Us Smarter!

So, it took a government study to tell us what we already knew – a cat nap makes us smarter. The best way not to lose something you just learned – take a 40 minute nap. THAT explains why I know everything about the football game I just slept through! Now, I understand! So, come get some new bedding from us…and take a quick 40 minute cat nap on us – literally!


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To Market, To Market, To Market We Go…

Dallas Market Center Showroom

It’s market time again – time for retailers everywhere to try and guess what our customers will want 10 months from now! Yes, your friendly retailer is actually a psychic with a price gun!! We spend our days trolling floor after floor touching, smelling, tasting all kinds of goodies with our customers in mind. “Will they find this interesting,” “Is this the right price,” “Does this fit in my store,” the questions, not to mention the miles and miles of walking, tend to make us all a bit cranky by week’s end. But, we also get to find that one item we know will make a customer go “wow”!

So, what did I see this week? Fabulous painted furniture, some of which will soon be moving to The Silver Barn. Nora Fleming tableware with her fabulous accessories. Tooth fairy pillows for those valuable cash trading teeth. Fabulous new soy-beeswax candles filling vintage-looking milk bottles in yummy scents and fabulous new dog bowls that will be hand painted to my specifications….”I bark for Aggies,” “I bark for Frogs” should give you a hint of what is to come. Oh, and get ready to celebrate the 75 anniversary of Peter Rabbit with us.

2011 looks to be another great year for Silver Barn with loads of more fun and excitement coming in every box. Get ready UPS and FedEx! We look forward to seeing all of our customers/friends soon.

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Oh, Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Imageglow Candles & Fabulous, Tall Candelabras!

So, I was telling a friend how I couldn’t wait to go home and get the fireplace going, it is a great way to enjoy the winter. She was less than impressed! “Thanks, I live in an apartment in Chicago. No fireplace for me!” But wait, create your own.

After she laughed and pointed out there had already been one big fire in Chicago and she wasn’t into repeating others creations, she let me suggest getting fabulous candelabras, finding fabulous candles that will put out a wonderful glow, and maybe even a subtle scent to fill the cold night air. Dim the lights and enjoy the natural beauty of your own mini-fireplace-creation.

Then, she pointed out she didn’t live here where she could shop at the Silver Barn and get these fabulous items I’ve just mentioned. Well, I can’t solve all her problems! (Well, I can, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen! LOL)

But, she’s my friend. So, since I can ship anywhere. This problem solved. Ann, am Imageglow candle and candelabra are on their way. Now, on to the boyfriend issue……


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A Salute to the Season

Lenox Bridal Flutes

Ah, the Christmas decorations are gone, the Valentines goodies are out on display…and, the season of love is underway. If you don’t have a bridal department – you don’t know what you’re missing! The excitement, the thrill…the arguments with mom! Boy, what retailer wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Actually, with the addition of our bridal room this past year, we made it easy for mom and bride to relax and “discuss” years of experience in the kitchen vs. “I’ll never use” from the microwave college degree.

But, once you intervene and help merge experience feeding 20 with experience of snacking for 20, you are proud of all you have accomplished on behalf of a future happy family.

So, tonight, I salute our first bride and groom of 2011. I’m lucky to be in a small town where I have gotten to know both families and I feel like I’m watching one of my own prepare for this exciting event. I hope I always treat each bride, each mother-of-the-bride, mother-of-the-groom, and yes, groom, as if they are members of my own family. This year we will expand to have fun kitchen goodies – perfect for that first turkey dinner for the family…or microwave brownies for two. And, we’ll work to bring all of that online so everyone can celebrate with our brides.

Welcome to the new year…welcome all of our future Mr.’s & Mrs.’s, we are waiting to help make your registry as much fun as finding the perfect dress and planning they honeymoon! Well, close!!


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