Got Scout, Will Travel

Bungalow Scout Assortment

So, it’s the beginning of summer. Time to travel, even if it is just back and forth from swim team, art class and to McDonalds. So, we decided to bring our fabulous Scout storage products and do a trunk show. With the first 20 orders we are giving away a free pair of flip-flops, and everyone can register to win a great duffle on wheels!! I know many of you are like, “great, she’s telling us about something we can’t participate in!” Well, yes, you can. I took an order yesterday for someone working on an oil rig for his wife!
Anyway, these products are fabulous to leave in the trunk to store “stuff”. Got toys? You NEED this storage system!! Going to the beach? The 4 Boys bag is fabulous. Tripping over magazines? We gotcha’ covered. Files flipping you out? That’s right, there’s a Scout with your name on it. So, go check it out at, pick what you want, email (, call (979-732-6900), fax (979-732-6903), Facebook (The Silver Barn Fan Page) or respond here and we will set you up.
I don’t normally blatantly promote on this blog, but this is great. Sent princess daughter off to college with this stuff and she still uses it. Not saying she’s organized, but, well, I’d be afraid to see her apartment if she DIDN’T have Scout!

Flipping for Flip Flops


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