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Round Top Antiques = A Display Solution



For quite some time we have been looking for a way to better display our linens – placemats & napkins. An area we wanted to expand as we improve our bridal and home selections. So, while perusing the Round Top Antiques show I searched for just the right piece. I found several interesting ideas, but they either were too expensive, too big/too small, or just wrong! Until I got to Fayetteville and found this gem on the square. Not only is it perfect for what we need, it fit and fit our wallet! To top it off, Kasper Wire Works is just about 45 minutes away and the Kasper family are friends. I can’t wait to show them this little gem and find out what it was originally intended to do. I’ll share when we get the answer.
So, when you are perusing garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc., look at everything in a different light. What do you need? A bookcase? An old canoe could be re-purposed. Need a bench with drawer space? Take an old beat up dresser and remove the top two drawers and make a bench – similar to one we did earlier this season. There is also nothing that cant’ take on new life with a little paint and decorative touch. I found a three-legged side table for a chair that I plan on recreating soon. Another project…oh boy!



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Round Top, TX

Fabulous Display

I love to go to Round Top Antiques show each spring and fall. It is such a mish-mash of good and bad, creative and trashy and I come away with all kinds of ideas. To me, it is an idea source. Not to say I didn’t come away with a few things! That will be in another post!! But, mainly it is an idea resource. I think we are creative here at the store until I see some of what they do in the middle of a field inside a tent!! So, enjoy the snapshots of a few things I saw. I promise to get back out there before it is over to offer up more goodies to enjoy – especially for those of you too far away to visit in person!

Metal Fishes

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Debbie’s Desk Delivers

Our store is filled with wonderful things…and, wonderful people. Debbie, you know, our stellar “keep-these-gals-organized” associate, wondered aloud if we might be interested in a desk she has just sitting in a barn. Maybe we could use it for display. FURNITURE…DISPLAY – what fun it is to figure out how to make something work in our store. Now, there is always that potential for something not fitting in, not blending well, but Debbie delivered the most fabulous desk. We already decked it out in some of our best ‘desk-cessories’. Besides, we had to make more room for all of our brides! So excited on all fronts!

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It’s EGG-citing!

Wilton Armetale Platter $42.95

Around this part of the world, when you say Easter…you see deviled eggs! So, I thought you might want to see some cool ways to offer up your favorite family recipe of deviled eggs. Whether you like yours with relish or without, with spicy mustard, with paprika or not, these will display your old family recipe in style. Tupperware is for the kids party at school, these are for you!

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Fork Art

The Wall of Silver

So, the challenge was – “what do you do with silverware samples besides put them in a drawer?” We decided to go to wall art, or, fork art if you will! So, since our space is limited and it appears our forks, knives & spoons are everywhere, we herded them into a frame and created a wall of display/art.

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“I Do” Love the New Bridal Room


It may have poured outside today but I never noticed. I was busy seeing our customers, who did brave the weather, come and enjoy the unveiling of our new bridal room. We now have a place for brides, family & friends to sit and review all the many options available. We can really create a nice display of dinnerware for brides to envision how it would work in their homes and lifestyle. So, another chapter in the Silver Barn life takes shape as we celebrate the end of year #2 and the beginning of #3.

Before....way before!


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Dawn of a New Day

As anyone in retail can tell you, each day is a new day. Some filled with joy, some, well, not so much!
Today I got to the store early, stressing about our bridal room being ready, the status of merchandise, etc., etc. But, as I walked toward my office, the light stopped me as if God was saying, “stop, enjoy the moment – my gift to you.” I thought I would share that moment with my friends and I grabbed my camera. So, my friends, enjoy the moment no matter when it is, no matter where you are.
I have been lucky enough to reach my dream of owning a store; I’ve been blessed with a husband who understands, a partner who makes me want to be a better person, a crew that surprises me daily on how dedicated they are to our success, a daughter who is branching off on her own retail branch, and friends throughout this world who love the dream turned reality. I thank God for all of that, and thank you for letting me take your time to share my joy. Have a happy day!


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