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Picture This Anywhere

Sometimes I just like the way a setting looks and want to share. So, tonight, picture this fabulous candelabra on your fireplace, patio, sun porch, dining room table….anywhere. Picture these bright red decanters on…your fireplace, patio, sun porch…ah, you get the idea!

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I’ve Been Framed!

5x7 Variety

I love it when someone says, “I need help.” Well, Wendy, this frame’s for you!! I have always been one of those folks who loves finding just the right gift. The one that is remembered. The one that finds a special place in the recipient’s home and heart. This must be why I started Silver Barn…I could only spend so much money on my family & friends!! So, here are some suggestions for a dear Twitter com padre who is looking for a gift. Our prices range from $25-35 for any of these 5×7 frames. Come by and visit, drop us a line…or tweet on our Twitter hotline for HELP. We’ll come a’ runnin’!

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Need a Buddy?

Bunnies By The Bay - Buddy Blanket

Remember your favorite buddy? The friend who went with you on all expeditions in the backyard? The friend who liked you no matter what? Didn’t criticize your less than stellar report card, or laugh when Aunt Jane thought tight curls would look “lovely”? Bunnies By the Bay remembers and took these bunnies and bears to a whole new buddy level. They fit perfectly in little arms and will sit patiently during dinner. What more can you ask of a buddy for life? Oh, and these buddies will look cool in the college dorm – you can wrap it around your Coke can and say it is a Koozie Buddy!

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How to Impress The Tooth Fairy


Remember when you lost that tooth that had been jiggling for days, causing you more aggravation than pain? Remember when you sister offered to pull it out “just because”? Remember the next morning finding a quarter under your pillow?
Well, today the jiggling and aggravation are still the same, your son is now offering to wrench your daughter’s tooth out by the roots, and yet there is much that is different. The quarter is now $1 (or more) and instead of wrapping that treasured, bloody tooth in a tissue, you have found a fabulous tooth box at The Silver Barn to make the whole tooth-loss experience special.
Created for us by Kitty Keller Designs out of Seguin, Texas, these beautiful little cloisonne boxes are a great way to celebrate another milestone – loosing those baby teeth. We like having unique products and I must say the tooth fairy box is a fun, new product for our baby assortment. If this doesn’t impress the tooth fairy, causing her to leave a little extra for her stylish customer, nothing will!
P.S. This makes a great baby gift! No one else will think of it (unless they are reading this first!)

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Belly Up To The Bar

Great Barware

I should’ve posted this at the BEGINNING of the weekend. Oh well! Now, you have time to prepare for next weekend! We’ve really extended our barware offerings as we have seen a big increase in customers looking for a wide variety of bar accessories and glassware. Statistics indicate that as more and more folks entertain at home, their bar area is growing in popularity. So, we have lots to choose from, and as summer approaches what better time to get ready for a great entertaining season ahead? My favorite – mojito set with decanter and glassware. No, wait, I really like the vintage glass barware lights with silver liquor labels. Actually? the Wine Glace – I can drink it all down on a hot summer day!!

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Silver Barn Takes A Tiny Detour Tonight.

Where are YOU going?

Anyone who follows The Silver Barn on Twitter, Facebook and this blog, knows I arrived here seven years ago from Chicago. Yes, I’m a native Texan, but Chicago was a special place and time for me. Now, I am in a town that would barely fill the Wrigley Field “bleacher bums” section. Why the reflection and not my typical little ditty on a fun new display, hot new product or some other great feature of my store? Because I want everyone to remember that life is a journey and each turn of the road has both beautiful vistas and broken bottles along the way.

I was lucky enough to find a great love, a great life and start a great dream – opening The Silver Barn. Yesterday, I was unlucky enough to have to watch my love bury his father. This was a man who taught my husband patience, humility and punctuality. Bill sees the clock as an exact medium – I see it merely as a suggestion. I know where my husband got his beautiful blue eyes. I know where my husband got his faith in God. I know I am the luckiest person in the world. Even on days when there is sadness in our life, it is better than the best day riding along Lakeshore Drive.

So, as you travel down the road enjoy the ride, you never know what the next turn will hold – a vista or a bumpy road. I am finally learning to enjoy them both. Guess my father-in-law (in just a few short years) managed to pass along some wisdom to me as well. Good night Wilbert Otto Stolle, I know the ride home was full of beautiful vistas.


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This Grill’s For YOU

Top Selling Pieces

The snow is melting away….well, sort of. The trees are blooming…DEFINITELY. Temperatures have actually tickled the 70’s and 80’s…even if for a day. So, what does that mean? It means GRILLIN’ TIME IS A COMIN’. So, let us help you make that time at the grill stress free…and delicious. Wilton Armetale is one of our favorite products, an American company that has spent years creating beautiful serving pieces. They added the Grillware a few years ago and we love ’em! So, as you dig that grill out of the back of the garage or basement and clean away the cobwebs, add a few grilling essentials for all your fish, vegetable sauteing, steak, sauce preparations!
Clockwise: #1 item – the Vegetable Griller; you can score potatoes, put them on the spikes, place griller on grill & cook potatoes from inside out. ($36.95). The handled sizzle platter, perfect for a single lg. steak, a couple of sm. filets, asparagus, ($27.95). Then, we have the 13″ Au Gratin – good for any kind of sauteing you can think of. ($29.95). The griddle, can you say pancake ala dad on Sunday morning? ($41.95), and then we have the Grillware saucepot with a spout for minimal dripping ($22.95).
Not only would I say it is great fun for your own grill, but if you have a wedding gift you need, this is the one thing all our grooms have gotten excited over when they tag along with their bride to register! And, don’t forget Father’s Day….yes, I know it is 2 months away, but why not already know what to get that elusive guy on your list?

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An Angel Watching Over Silver Barn

I don’t know what it is about this angel, but I feel a smile come on my face every morning when I see her greet me at the door. I don’t consider myself an “angel person” but she has a grace and beauty that makes me understand why folks collect them. I guess each of us needs to know we have an angel on our shoulder from time to time; for those of us in retail perhaps we need one more than average! I know some day she will move on to another wonderful home, but for right now, she is our angel, watching over us, helping add a little calm to a sometimes hectic world. Come see our special angel and let her brighten your day.

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China…NOT from China

Pickard China

With the addition of our bridal room we searched all over to find some new pieces to introduce to the brides in our area. We picked some fun dinnerware for everyday. But, the china that got us most excited was the introduction of Pickard China. This is one of the few chinaware companies where the product is produced in America, and I’m extra proud to say it is from Illinois, the only other state I love as much as Texas! Another exciting element of this company? They make the china found at The White House, American embassies around the world, Camp David and on the tables of the top military officials. One chef who recently visited our store told us they had even done a pattern using Morse code along the rim of the Air Force china. Very cool in my estimation. When so much is produced overseas, and it is our responsibility as retailers to provide products at reasonable prices it is hard to avoid overseas production. But, one thing Becca and I both are proud of is bringing in products that are American made…this certainly qualifies as a very special American made product.

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