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Happy Holiday Greetings…from the Silver Barn

Christmas 2009

“T’was the night before Christmas and all through the store, the customers were shouting, I want more! The stockings were sold, with love and with care, and cash registers rang, and rang everywhere…..”
Thank you to all for a great holiday season. We hope each of you have had a good year and we look forward to entertaining, informing, laughing & learning together in 2010.


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Have a Merry Christmas 2009

Happy Holidays from The Silver Barn

As the clock ticks down to the final hours of the holiday season or 2009 it is a great time to look back and say thanks. Thanks for letting us tell you about our little store. Thanks for shopping with us and thanks for being the wonderful friends each of you are. As we shut out the Christmas lights for the last time in 2009 we look forward to seeing you in the new year and sharing each season. Have a great holiday and enjoy your friends and family – they are the best gift you could ever give or receive.

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The Little Tree

The Little Green Tree

As Christmas was winding down, all the stockings were hung, the trees were ready for their center stage debut and….one little tree moved from the obscurity of the back of the garage to its own place on center stage at The Silver Barn. The big, fancy tree had been sold to a family in awe of its beauty. The little green tree hadn’t been the star for many a season. But, in the blink of an eye, it once more showed the visitors how there is beauty in everything.
Like the little green tree we all have our own moments in the sun. Sometimes we feel our best has come and gone, but it is important to remember that in the blink of an eye, each of us can once again shine like the biggest Christmas tree standing tall at Rockefeller Center. The little green tree may only be 2′ tall, but today as it got cleaned up and filled with new decorations, it was the biggest, tallest, most beautiful tree in the neighborhood. The little green tree…a star once more for all to enjoy.
Enjoy the holidays, they are memories in the making!

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Advent Calendar Nears The End of The Countdown


As we come to the end of another holiday season for The Silver Barn. Can I say I learned anything that will help me determine what will be hot next holiday season? Are you kidding? I’ve learned holiday ornaments don’t sell one year and sell out the next. That brown and blue combined are still hot in Texas. I’ve learned that our customers are beginning to count on us to have something special and unique. So, even if I misstep a color, ornament style, or something next year, I’ll still have the one gift for someone special – our customer! As we look at the final 5 days, I must say how appreciative I am of the great staff we have managed to gather, a partner who endures my creative quirkiness, a daughter who is forging her own retail identity, a husband who handles all the heavy lifting and friends who come to the store every day supporting us in our endeavor to bring a world class store to our very special town. Thank you for letting me share a little bit of our store with you as well. Thanks to Twitter friends, thanks to Blog and Facebook friends…you have helped the Silver Barn ship all over the country. (Our UPS leader, Denise, thanks you too!).
For the final countdown days I’ll show a few of some of our last minute ideas. Then, my fellow retailers and customers, we’ll all begin again in 2010!


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Serving Holiday Snacks?

Magnolia Lane - Happy Holidays

With six days and counting, it is time to think party. Why is it you never seem to have enough bowls & platters when the holidays roll around? Anyone who knows me, knows I love reindeer. Needless to say, the platter will most likely make its way to my house – it would make a nice addition to my reindeer collection – now in the hundreds. Nope, I’m not kidding! So, Santa, don’t be surprised when you arrive for cookies and milk (and reindeer kibble) if you get served from this great Magnolia Lane platter. Happy holidays…happy countdown.

A bevy of reindeer

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Pick a Pet

Many of you know I am your basic pet pushover. I am stretched out on the sofa watching TV with a cat – nose down on the Backspace button – to my right, and a dog laying on the floor beside me – to my left. So, it is no surprise that I have brought in a few more pet products for all my fellow pet fans out there. What I love about these little pictures is their vintage look and feel. Someone on your gift list who loves their doggie? Hope everyone, and their favorite doggie, are getting ready for a great Christmas.

Precious Pup on Tin

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Have Baby…Will Travel

Bags for Mom...Bags for Tot

Packages bought – check; packages shipped – check; cards sent – check; Packed for trip to grandma’s house – NOPE. Don’t panic, we have fabulous diaper bags for mom from Kalencom (a New Orleans mainstay) and WE are friends of New Orleans. And, for the small traveling tot on the list, we have a few of these precious miniature traveling plush travel bags complete with a special traveling companion. The Kalencom bags run $75.95-$80.00 and these are a few of the selection available. The traveling tote for the traveling tot runs $18.95 and can be used as a backpack as well as a wheeled travel bag. So, before you finish your holiday shopping and find you have nothing to get your goodies to grandma’s house, come by and get a bag or two!

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