Get Ready for Summer

Chalkboard Dresser $389

Ah, the beginning of summer. Time to move outside and enjoy the great outdoors. A hot trend these last several years has been creating a great outdoor living environment. The American flag should fly proudly all summer long outside on the patio – it is made of birch branches and will weather beautifully. For those lucky enough to have a garden room, I love the weathered chalkboard chest of drawers. What a great place to put those garden gloves and clippers, an extra pair of reading glasses, some great reading material for those evenings where listening to the sound of kids playing in the neighborhood is more inviting than the TV. Ah, the beginning of summer, what a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors. Enjoy every moment and check back with us from time to time when you’re sitting with a nice, cold glass of lemonade and let us know how your summer is going. We’ll be here!


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