Dirty Dogs Come Clean

Vegas Explains Dirty & Hairy Shampoo...for dogs

As any cat, or cat friend knows, cats are a very clean group. Dogs on the other hand…not so much. They stink! They get fleas (and pass them along to us cats), they have doggie B.O., well, they are just plain, dirty. Thanks to Cain & Able in Austin, TX, their “Dirty & Hairy” shampoo and conditioner keeps those lesser pets…dogs…from stinkin’ up the place. I can testify that this stuff works. I have had to deal with my peeps and their silly dog, Wrigley, for far too long. But, she has stopped scratching, smells better, and seems happy. Of course, that could be the stupid, idiot grin of a stupid, idiot dog…but who knows.

So, just call The Silver Barn, get some Cain & Able Dirty Hairy Shampoo & Conditioner and your cats will thank you. NO, don’t bathe THEM in it, bathe that stupid dog!


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