Do You Need a Cuddle Tonight?

Recently on an episode of “Old Christine” they were talking about, and demonstrating, how comforting a swaddling blanket is for a baby – no matter how old. By the end of the show all the adults were wrapped in swaddling blankets asleep on the sofa. A few days later in walks Diana Cregan, a lovely Australian mom, who moved to America and saw a need. A need for some cuddling, er, swaddling blankets for babies. These ultra-fine, 39 square inch cotton blankets minimize overheating, are great as stroller shades or for nursing privacy. I loved them, and the idea of how comforting these could be, that I sent them to my newest, tiny, precious family member – Sir Paxton Esq. – So, while I’m not there to give you a comforting hug from time to time, may you know that each time your mommy and daddy wrap you in one of our Koala Kuddles, it comes with an extra hug from Aunt Cynthia!
And, to think it all came about ‘cuz Diana saw our store, came in hoping we’d be interested in carrying her product!


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