Going, Going, Gone!

The Auction Barn

Today, after taking some time to thank our military for their service to our country, it was time to go to our favorite auction location and get some great finds for the store. We found all kinds of goodies you will see soon in our store and on this site. We found a darling new four-poster bed, a darling little girls wicker chair, a scary doll to go with it (EEK!), a fabulous washstand that will house a new collection of goodies coming later this summer, and a super cool antique organ roll! Wait until you see that one!
So, as Memorial Day comes to an end I am thankful I have the freedom to spend my day salvaging old furniture and deciding what I want to put in MY store, vs. being forced to do something else. How lucky am I to have the freedom that someone else made possible. Thank you Uncles Edgar & Conn Mims, Jr. and father-in-law Wilbert Stolle, you believed we should all have any opportunity we wished and I’m a living recipient of your love. Carry on, but remember your military heroes every day!


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