A New Life

Me & #1001

I moved back to Texas six years ago and began a life I never imagined I’d be so lucky to live. I have a great store, a great husband, a daughter who makes me proud every day and the opportunity to raise white tail deer and enjoy their antics. Yes, in addition to spending my days moving stuff around to create fun displays, ordering holiday or some other goodie for someone, or helping a bride register for her new life, I also raise deer with my husband as the owners of SIS Ranch. These little babies are the highlight of each summer season for me. Finding them, giving them their medicine and giving out names (for girls) it’s a new gift every day.
Today was the first baby of the new season. His mom is Pepper and his dad is Puck. He also had a brother who preferred to not have his picture taken.
This was a glorious week. It began with the birth of a long-awaited baby cousin, Paxton and ended with the first deer birth of the season. Every day is a new day and the beginning of a new life of happiness and beauty. Thank you followers and friends, thank you customers, thank you Pepper & Puck and thank you God for giving me a new life.



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  1. You’re kidding right? On top of your busy schedule you also raise deer? That is so neat! The picture of you with the baby fawn is just toooooooo adorable! Congratulations on all the new babies!

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