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People And Their Pets

Custom Dog Tiles

What is it about people and their pets? The pet industry is continues to grow – even in a down economy. Maybe not the elaborate diamond collars we’ve seen in recent years, but a nice dog bowl, a fluffy bed and maybe a collar a little more understated are still in demand. A pet is like a really good friend. Their love never fades. They never comment on your wearing socks with sandals – they may laugh, or share a giggle with other pets in the house, but they’ll never say a word to you. They love you unconditionally. A cat, dog, whatever your preference, a pet is always there for you. So, many folks I know pamper their pooch. For anyone who’s ever owned a pet, a special pet, this item is for you. The King Charles Spaniel was a special gift for a special person who loves their babies. What baby can we get for you?


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Our Retail Experts at Work

Every day I, like many other buyers, peruse numerous catalogs. We look at each page, each item, with an questioning eye. “Would this be something Pat, June, Julie or Dianne would like?” Then, we have to decide if it fits with our store overall and price lines we work to maximize an item at the best price. But, sometimes we need a little assistance from true experts! Who wouldn’t want an extra bit of support? Vegas, the original store mascot, is still our best guide in selecting the right items for your pet. (She selected a mouse cat collar for Lenox; we will soon see if she likes it when it arrives.) I’m lucky to have such experts on staff. I’m also lucky they are so cheap!

Oh, and if Temptations would like to send some free turkey bites, we know some “retail experts” would be happy to add a few comments.

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Purr-sonality S-purrs Sales!!

Lenox Starts Her Greeting Duties

What is it about a store with a pet on staff that makes everyone seem to be a bit…in love? We recently acquired a baby kitty at home and I brought her to the store. She moved in like a hand into a glove. In just three days she has discovered that sauntering her sweet baby self out in front of customers is the way to get held, loved and cuddled. Now, the question is, are folks so entranced they don’t shop as much?? Oh, who cares! (My bank does. However, I’ll take her to make my meager deposit and I’m sure they’ll be fine!) So, what does a store pet do to a customer psychologically? Should Macy’s invest in a dog for men’s apparel? A cat for cosmetics? Perhaps they need to start with employees. Will a store kitty make Silver Barn more fun, exciting, better value, better assortment? No, but it will help people relax and stay awhile. THAT is what I think a store pet does, makes your customers feel they are at home with friends.
So, what about our spokescat, “Vegas”? Oh, she is still here, she has just decided she is getting too old to entertain kids and look cute and cheerful. She prefers to stay in the background.
With that, may we introduce “Lenox”, our tiny, 13-week old tortoise Calico. She will be standing guard ready to snuggle, purr and generally entertain all our friends.

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From Market to Store

So, we hauled our fabulous find home and immediately put a display together to show everyone what they can do with a feed sack! Carry groceries, throw it in the car for an emergency storage unit, diaper bag for the guys, lunch….it is so fun. And, I thought it might be fun to see how we take an idea from the showroom to the store!


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Dirty Dogs Come Clean

Vegas Explains Dirty & Hairy Shampoo...for dogs

As any cat, or cat friend knows, cats are a very clean group. Dogs on the other hand…not so much. They stink! They get fleas (and pass them along to us cats), they have doggie B.O., well, they are just plain, dirty. Thanks to Cain & Able in Austin, TX, their “Dirty & Hairy” shampoo and conditioner keeps those lesser pets…dogs…from stinkin’ up the place. I can testify that this stuff works. I have had to deal with my peeps and their silly dog, Wrigley, for far too long. But, she has stopped scratching, smells better, and seems happy. Of course, that could be the stupid, idiot grin of a stupid, idiot dog…but who knows.

So, just call The Silver Barn, get some Cain & Able Dirty Hairy Shampoo & Conditioner and your cats will thank you. NO, don’t bathe THEM in it, bathe that stupid dog!

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I MUST Object!

Beware the dog...the cat not trustworthy either

Really? Really? We thought this was a good item to bring to the store? Really? “Beware of the dog, the cat is not trustworthy either.” I must say, kiss my furry little…..butt. I’ll show you some trust. I trust that this is NOT coming into our house. I trust that any cat that reads this will help their house staff see the errors of their ways. (Yes, cats read…geez). My little shopkeeper/servant may think this is a cute item for the store but she has also been known to laugh milk out of her nose. A brain trust she is not. I think there are lots of other products we could feature here. How about all the darn bunnies in the store? How about a new clock or something? But, no we want to feature a let’s-not-trust-the-cat. You think this is a good thing? Hmm…let’s think about it…..Smart, loving cats or slobbery, smelling dogs? I’m just sayin’!
Signed, Artoo

Artoo's Op Ed

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Cat Demands Equal Time

Artoo...unhappy face

“I just love classy pet items.” Oh PLEEZZE. If you love classy pet items you would have no dog items at all. They go to market and they come home with this dog art. I told them, ‘find cool pet stuff’. This? This is cool stuff? I better see classy cat stuff real soon or there will be a forced shopping trip to the Dallas market by me and Miss Vegas. We work hard keeping our svelte figure and have no time to take on the pet section at the store, but if all they can come up with is cute dog wall art, well, guess we’ll need to help. All I can say is, fellow cats, this will not continue. Spokescat Vegas is going to the store tomorrow to begin to fix this fine mess. Thanks.

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