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Vintage Makes Me Smile

“What are you going to do with that?” Is often the question from my husband when I beeline it to a treasure at Warrenton, Round Top or anywhere we happen to be checking out. Well, thought you’d like to see some of my current projects.


This patio table looked sad and worn out. Not a lot of work and it fits perfectly in our store



Currently painting this little sofa it entry table, then…. 


Then, this little beauty arrived – a Facebook find that made me race to Huntsville to pick it up. The paint colors are what I selected to give her a whole new look…. 


The transition has begun, and yes, I just can’t do a simple one color redo! I have tried!!

The closest I might come to a simple project will be these two chairs — 


But, who knows! 


It could end up like this!!

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Round Top, TX

Fabulous Display

I love to go to Round Top Antiques show each spring and fall. It is such a mish-mash of good and bad, creative and trashy and I come away with all kinds of ideas. To me, it is an idea source. Not to say I didn’t come away with a few things! That will be in another post!! But, mainly it is an idea resource. I think we are creative here at the store until I see some of what they do in the middle of a field inside a tent!! So, enjoy the snapshots of a few things I saw. I promise to get back out there before it is over to offer up more goodies to enjoy – especially for those of you too far away to visit in person!

Metal Fishes

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