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A Map to Round Top


This begins the antique feeding frenzy known as Round Top Antique Week. But this is SO much more than just Round Top or one antique week. But it IS a feeding frenzy for the visionary of all things junk. 

I usually cruise the show 3 – 4 times during this semi-annual shopping event. So, I’ve developed a little $-$$$ of where to go for the novice who sees the 10 mile tour from Warrenton to Round Top as a little overwhelming.

$ – Warrenton and points south toward La Grange. South of the Warrenton gas station and the famous Zapp Hall you will find fields upon fields of everything from metal letters and signs to homemade bird houses and everything in between. Just north of the gas station you will find fabrics, bric-brak and odds and ends to give any Pinterest fanatic brain overload. As you hit the northern side “of town” you hit Ex*Cess a land of industrial goodies – some with prices to match their weight. Some bargains.  If you’ve made it here in one day, covering both sides of the road – you have incredible stamina. Congratulations, you can now move to the next level!


This bed spring is now a backdrop for our store in La Grange – I found it in Ex*Cess.

$$ – Cole’s is across the street from Ex*Cess and along with the AC/heat and a nice bathroom, comes high prices, but they are high, much higher, quality antiques and collectables.

Now, you get in your car and drive to Round Top. The square seems overrun with clothing and jewelry tents, but hey, we all need a wardrobe addition. Especially after you stop for pie at Royer’s. Trust me, YOU-DO-NEED-PIE.

As you head up the highway there are now dozens of cool places to shop – many I’ve not even perused yet. Prices here go from $$ – $$$, but worth the visit. This is also the area where you can visit the famous Junk Gypsies world headquarters. 

$$$ – north of Round Top is Blue Hills


Worth the trip if not worth the dollars, but even Blue Hills offers one of a kind fabulous pieces.


Okay, if you have any money, stamina or sunscreen left head up to Carmine and the land of cheap prices, cheap finds once more.

Tomorrow I’ll post finds and outcomes to get you excited even more. Get rest to shop!!!

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A Trip to Marburger Farms is Like a Trip to the Idea Bank

Repurpose This!

How many times do we all stand there looking at things that are being thrown away and think, “there must be SOMETHING useful there.” That is one of my favorite things about attending Marburger Farms Antique show each season; seeing all the great artists who come up with unusual and unique ways of salvaging all kinds of things and making them new again.

From lamps based on vintage pictures and postcards at Found Images, to vintage transit route signs turned into pillows, chairs, ottomans, you name it, at British Route Signs Designs, I found myself falling in love with stuff all over the place!!

Marburger is one of those design events that celebrates the special and I think everyone should stroll the aisles at least once in their life. Now, let’s see how much I brought home….

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What’s Round Top?

Lamp shade

Two times a year, for about 10 days, the little towns between Warrenton and Carmine grow from about 3,000 to about 100,000 as shoppers and vendors alike descend on what is known as the Round Top Antique Show. If you spent every day perusing this 15 mile stretch of shopping paradise, you’d not finish! From the wide array of booths in Warrenton to the fabulous tents of Marburger Farms, there is no limit to what you might find.

For example, I found these cool lampshades from old images and postcards. Perfect for the ranch house that has everything! Then, I found great lamp bases that were so unique and special – I bought two! Also found a huge assortment of Mexican papier mache fruit – I love this stuff.

The best thing about the Warrenton-Round Top-Marburger experience is how the hunt is sometimes better than the find! Well, no, finding those treasures is the best part. Actually, the best part is coming home at the end of walking for 8 hours and falling into bed.

If you ever make it down to Round Top be prepared – everything is bigger in Texas, and we ain’t kidding!

Horse, Rooster & Deer lamp shades

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Round Top Antiques = A Display Solution



For quite some time we have been looking for a way to better display our linens – placemats & napkins. An area we wanted to expand as we improve our bridal and home selections. So, while perusing the Round Top Antiques show I searched for just the right piece. I found several interesting ideas, but they either were too expensive, too big/too small, or just wrong! Until I got to Fayetteville and found this gem on the square. Not only is it perfect for what we need, it fit and fit our wallet! To top it off, Kasper Wire Works is just about 45 minutes away and the Kasper family are friends. I can’t wait to show them this little gem and find out what it was originally intended to do. I’ll share when we get the answer.
So, when you are perusing garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc., look at everything in a different light. What do you need? A bookcase? An old canoe could be re-purposed. Need a bench with drawer space? Take an old beat up dresser and remove the top two drawers and make a bench – similar to one we did earlier this season. There is also nothing that cant’ take on new life with a little paint and decorative touch. I found a three-legged side table for a chair that I plan on recreating soon. Another project…oh boy!


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Round Top, TX

Fabulous Display

I love to go to Round Top Antiques show each spring and fall. It is such a mish-mash of good and bad, creative and trashy and I come away with all kinds of ideas. To me, it is an idea source. Not to say I didn’t come away with a few things! That will be in another post!! But, mainly it is an idea resource. I think we are creative here at the store until I see some of what they do in the middle of a field inside a tent!! So, enjoy the snapshots of a few things I saw. I promise to get back out there before it is over to offer up more goodies to enjoy – especially for those of you too far away to visit in person!

Metal Fishes

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