Dawn of a New Day

As anyone in retail can tell you, each day is a new day. Some filled with joy, some, well, not so much!
Today I got to the store early, stressing about our bridal room being ready, the status of merchandise, etc., etc. But, as I walked toward my office, the light stopped me as if God was saying, “stop, enjoy the moment – my gift to you.” I thought I would share that moment with my friends and I grabbed my camera. So, my friends, enjoy the moment no matter when it is, no matter where you are.
I have been lucky enough to reach my dream of owning a store; I’ve been blessed with a husband who understands, a partner who makes me want to be a better person, a crew that surprises me daily on how dedicated they are to our success, a daughter who is branching off on her own retail branch, and friends throughout this world who love the dream turned reality. I thank God for all of that, and thank you for letting me take your time to share my joy. Have a happy day!



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3 responses to “Dawn of a New Day

  1. Laura Kuhlmann

    You rock Cynthia! Congratulations on your anniversary, AND for the wonderful success your store has had over the past few years! Glad you found a moment to stop and be thankful!

  2. Your blog rocks, Cynthia! As for this picture of the sunlight in your store, well it’s inspirational to say the least – love it! Thanks for sharing

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