Debbie’s Desk Delivers

Our store is filled with wonderful things…and, wonderful people. Debbie, you know, our stellar “keep-these-gals-organized” associate, wondered aloud if we might be interested in a desk she has just sitting in a barn. Maybe we could use it for display. FURNITURE…DISPLAY – what fun it is to figure out how to make something work in our store. Now, there is always that potential for something not fitting in, not blending well, but Debbie delivered the most fabulous desk. We already decked it out in some of our best ‘desk-cessories’. Besides, we had to make more room for all of our brides! So excited on all fronts!


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One response to “Debbie’s Desk Delivers

  1. Debbie Pierce

    I couldn’t ask for a happier home for my desk 🙂
    I am sure it loves the pretty accessories rather than my stacks of papers and dust bunnies!

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