A Buffet’s New Chapter


As we prepare for Saturday’s unveiling of the bridal room the finishing items are moving into place. Tonight, the buffet that has been living in my garage since this past summer has now been buffed and spruced up for a new life as a centerpiece of our new room. I love finding pieces like this, pieces that were once painstakingly cared for and loved, but at one point became forgotten and ignored. As I cleaned it up I found some buttons, a receipt for a small purchase at a store in Liverpool, England in 1975 and a few other odds and ends. I did not find anything spectacular on the inside, I found it all on the outside. I know a piece of furniture does not have feelings, yet I could swear the wood and carvings seemed to smile and shine a little brighter knowing that the trip from England in a cargo container was worth it in order to begin a new and be ready for the next 100 years.




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2 responses to “A Buffet’s New Chapter

  1. The buffet is certainly a piece that was worth hanging onto out in the garage for awhile! My aunt once gave me a small old desk she thought was a family item. I crossed my fingers that there was a clue to the former owner behind a drawer or inside its frame. No such luck, or maybe, not yet. It’s in the basement, waiting for me to paint it.

    • Those pieces are such treasures. I was excited about this one and it didn’t have any family significance! It’s time to find another treasure, my barn/garage is empty!

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