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Express Yourself

My mantle has been begging me to take it from winter…

to anything that expresses the change of season. So this became a clean slate

What do you do with your mantle? Do you use it to make a seasonal statement or display a collection? 

Mantles are such a great way to say “I like rabbits for spring.” Or, display an array of framed family photos – use similar frame styles in varying sizes to let the eye focus on the images – not the frames.

But, for now, bring out the bunnies, give the space some highs and lows in the assortment and let your mantle say “Welcome Spring!”


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Inspiration is Everywhere 

I love shopping shows and other stores, I get so many ideas….and get depressed at all the creativity I sometimes feel I DON’T have!  

At the risk of depressing you too (LOL) let me share some of what I saw today:

Able’s in Huntsville, Texas set up the coolest entry to a booth. Just made me want to go in…then out…in….out, well, you get the point!

Another homey example. 

Only in Texas does this make sense, but I love it – note the glitter this gal is sporting! This was at a great store, Antique Queens in Rockdale, Texas! Love their creativity!

What a great way to take the customer upward!

Ok, well this one’s just for me because I love reindeer! I want it too!!!

Just a fun collection all over the place! This is at French Marketplace in Navasota, Texas.

Stay designed inspired–even I surprise myself sometimes. And you will too! Just try it! 

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To Market, To Market We Go!

Whenever I go to the Gift Market lots of friends and customers ask, “what did you see?” Well, I don’t know how to explain what all I see but I can say – “It’s a lot!”
That doesn’t satisfy!
So, what DID I see worth noting?
• Colors starting to emerge again. The year of everything in some shade of tan, fawn or brown is fading.
• Burlap in everything is getting old
• Baby biz is getting stronger
• Holiday 2015 will see dusty colors a little more muted than the pales of 2014
• Get ready for dinosaurs. The new Jurassic Park movie this summer has vendors sowing dinosaurs all over the place!


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And, Here We Go….

Our annual Witches’ Tea is one of the most fun events of the year for me. I LOVE Halloween. And, as a retailer it is a sort of unofficial kick-off for the big things that come with fourth quarter. But, more importantly, as we conduct our 4th annual Witches’ Tea we now have kids all over looking forward to the day the Silver Barn is turned over to them to create all kinds of fun things with pumpkins, eat goodies and not have to watch mom doing that boring shopping stuff! THIS is what the store is all about, creating events that create memories. So, on Saturday we kick off the holiday season of shopping for us, and another season of memories for our littlest customers. Here we go again!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Easter

Mr. Higgins

With Easter so late this year I was getting anxious holding all those bunnies back. They get so forceful at times! I’m glad we are finally there. Mr. Higgins has taken center stage. Peter Rabbit prepares to celebrate his 75th birthday, yes 75th! And, our bevy of bunny beauties will start parading by your screen daily. Oh, and yes, we have some cute chicks too!

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Oh, Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Imageglow Candles & Fabulous, Tall Candelabras!

So, I was telling a friend how I couldn’t wait to go home and get the fireplace going, it is a great way to enjoy the winter. She was less than impressed! “Thanks, I live in an apartment in Chicago. No fireplace for me!” But wait, create your own.

After she laughed and pointed out there had already been one big fire in Chicago and she wasn’t into repeating others creations, she let me suggest getting fabulous candelabras, finding fabulous candles that will put out a wonderful glow, and maybe even a subtle scent to fill the cold night air. Dim the lights and enjoy the natural beauty of your own mini-fireplace-creation.

Then, she pointed out she didn’t live here where she could shop at the Silver Barn and get these fabulous items I’ve just mentioned. Well, I can’t solve all her problems! (Well, I can, but she wasn’t in the mood to listen! LOL)

But, she’s my friend. So, since I can ship anywhere. This problem solved. Ann, am Imageglow candle and candelabra are on their way. Now, on to the boyfriend issue……


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What’s In An Ornament?

We all have boxes and boxes of ornaments sitting in our garage for 11 months of the year. But once a year we dig all those boxes out and carefully put together an exhibit of our collection. We buy new ornaments to add to that “perfect look”. As retailers we love to feed this annual addition to the presentation. However, there is one thing that stops all of us in our tracks. The vintage ornaments from our parents and grandparents. We treasure these trinkets like Tiffany’s diamonds. Yet many originally cost less than the kilo watt minute we spend lighting them up. I took my grandparents ornaments and placed them in the beautiful punch bowl that was once owned by my late mother-in-law. I merged two families into one beautiful presentation. Isn’t that what the holidays are about? Merging families and traditions is what the holidays are all about. So, once again we will carefully pack up those ornaments because we know someday our children will remember the year we added this ornament or that ornament to our collection. The tradition will move along, one ornament at a time. Happy holidays, and happy tradition gathering to one and all!

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