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Happy Holidays!

That festive holiday season begins. Retailers love the jingle-jangle of the cash registers and everyone loves the fun and festivities. This Thursday we participated in our 4th annual Ladies Night Out in Columbus. So many towns and communities have created this special night or weekend to generate sales and local excitement. We love to see the community come together. We love the local sales – not only at Silver Barn, but at all local establishments. If your town is not doing an event for everyone to join in, start one yourself. Don’t be afraid you might lose sales to another retailer. The more we can all encourage folks to shop locally, the better it is for each of us. Just ask all the fast food and service stations along the highway. They are all there together. If it works for them, imagine what it can do for you.

So, The Silver Barn comes alive with lights and excitement and celebrates over 100 years of serving this local community in one way or another. Happy holidays!



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2 responses to “Shop Local

  1. I was so pleasantly surprised at how many came out to support us all! I was set up in the Opera House Hallway, and enjoyed the jam-packed house! Thanks to all and Merry Christmas!

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