Are We Having Fun Yet?

Artoo...less than festive

Artoo, the guy with an opinion wanted to say a few words tonight about this festive holiday season….Is IT Over Yet? Why does the season get so many people down? Put them in a bad mood? Frustration abounds, traffic is horrible and the only happy sounds are the ones coming from your All Holiday Music station. Why? Because we all try to cram 12 months of love and affection into one month and one special gift. We race to the store, stand and stare waiting for that special, one-to-remember item to jump out at us. When we can’t find it we seek help. Ah, there in lies the problem. We seek help in the shopping center, the department store the mega-whatever. This is why I’m happy to report we are seeing more people in our area shopping locally. We even have city folks coming to the country to shop with friends. They want to share the excitement of their search and they want someone to help them find that special find. Some people are great gift givers. We all know them, we all have things in our home that remind us how special they are to know us so well. Some people are bad gift givers. It’s a sad truth. We all know them too. They know who they are and they don’t want to always be in the re-gift closet. They are the ones you see racing through the mall; they are the ones who look like Artoo. While Christmas is not about the gift, it is TRULY about the thought, we still want to do something special. So, we can shop locally and enjoy getting to know our area retailers, avoid traffic jams and keep what we do spend flowing back into our neck of the woods…not elsewhere. So, don’t be the bah-humbug party cat. Be the party animal you truly are and head to your friendly, local retailer. They ACTUALLY have folks there to help you be a gift-giving star. Imagine….help from a retailer. What a thought! Now, go and enjoy.


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