Zack & Lenox

This picture of my friend Zack is what The Silver Barn means to me. It is customers feeling they are visiting with a friend when they stop by. It is hearing customers talk about how they run into each other more here than elsewhere in town. It is helping friends buy for each other. Yes, Silver Barn is about making sales and building a business, but isn’t the foundation of that business it’s people? Whether they are shoppers or employees? I go to market and think about certain customers when I’m buying. They don’t always buy what I find, but I think they feel comfortable around the things I buy because they identify with the style of the store. When my young friend Zack comes by, he and Lenox peruse the store. Currently, Lenox has helped him hide a pony he is hoping Santa will pick up for him. His mom and I have both told him Santa stops here and Lenox will have all the goodies ready. She is a Santa Helper. Lenox, Debbie, Karlie & I treat everyone like a friend because they are a friend, stopping by to get ideas and find a gift for this friend, or that one. That is what Silver Barn means to me – creating a place for friends. Try to do THAT Macy’s – you’d do better than your constant sales!


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