Hey, That’s My Glass!


Friends are what make life worth living. Finding fun gifts that are unique, reasonably priced, and match their personality make shopping worth doing! So, when I was at market and saw these fabulous new wine glasses I couldn’t wait to get them here. Why? I have a friend, Jackie, many who follow us on this blog have heard me mention her before, and she is a connoisseur of wine. Not only does she know wine, she knows where to go anywhere in the world to find it. She deserves a special glass to savor her latest full-bodied find. I also have a daughter who likes to invite her girlfriends over for a night of dinner and fine wine sitting by the pool at her apartment. I now have a glass for her as well. For my hairstylist, Trish, and her Bunco party friends….I got glasses, including pilsner beer, for every personality. This is what I love about market, finding something new and fun that I think our customers will enjoy. So, Jackie, Cydney & Trish — I raise my glass and salute you!


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