I’m Blah….How Are You?

Horsey sits by himself Ever feel that the day is just…well, blah? It is Monday, but evidently, Twitter folks feel Thursday is the worst. It is Monday, but why is that reason to feel like you are moving in slow motion?

Some days you just want to hide behind a good book! Does it have anything to do with the day of the week? Or, is it just the blah that must hit us all in order for us to be up again tomorrow. It’s a recharge zone I guess. My computer does it – rather often. Why can’t I? Why do we tend to fight these blah moments and not let them move on through like the results of a bad sushi dinner? Because, I think we have been trained not to allow ourselves a blah moment or day. Hey, it could turn into a blah month…then year. Really? How many of us have a blah day and never get over it? That’s what Zanex is for!

Bear Reads Zoo Faces

I prefer to think that this is a recharge moment. I prefer to think playing a little hooky is good for us. I prefer to think God gets tired watching us and wants us to “just calm down.” Sometimes my mind is fed up with me. Can’t leave, so it shuts down and makes me blah. I am forced by measures who know better than I that a mental moment off is not a bad thing. God knew what he was doing when he made us, and he gave our bodies a blah button to push in an emergency.

I’ll surround myself with friends. I’ll watch the ants and wonder if they ever have a blah moment. I’ll hug my cats and tell them I love them, which I know they’ll be delighted to see me coming for that! I’ll take a walk with my husband and listen to the sound of nothing. He has mastered the art of total balance. I am the kite; he is the kid holding the string. I’ll tell my daughter to just relax, all her questions will be answered soon enough. So, today I’m feeling blah. Not a bad thing…a recharge thing. Hugs to you in blog land.

Group Hug


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