Enviro-Pleasing-Plush Pluck Down at Silver Barn

Apple Park has ARRIVED!

When I went to market this season, I came back to Silver Barn with a great deal of excitement. Oh, I always get excited going to market, but this time Dallas Market was filled with fabulous finds. Things that offer value, uniqueness, and continue to make Silver Barn a special shopping experience.
We started with the wild commemorative wine glasses (anyone from 21 up), then we introduced this week our new MOGO bracelets (anyone 6 and up), and now….we are proud to introduce Apple Park Picnic Pets (anyone – period).
What is Apple Park? It is probably the cutest collection of baby plush I’ve ever found. From the wrist rattle to the finger puppets, hand puppets and plush, these darling bunnies, monkeys, bears and more are a collectible. They even come with a fabulous decorative hat box so they can be carefully saved for the next generation. Plus, Apple Park is eco-friendly and is certified to meet Global Organic Textile Standards.
I don’t have little ones, heck, I don’t have grandkids (yet) but I love these precious little animals. They make me giggle. They jump in my arms and run around the store with me, urging me to pet them as we walk around. They want to go home with you. So, call the store and ask for Bunny, Lamby, Monkey and any of their friends….


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