What IS In A Sale?

Jiggy Piggy

The Silver Barn has never had a sale. We opened our doors March 6, 2008 and expanded upstairs last July 3, 2009. In all that time, I’ve never felt the need to have a sale. That may sound over-confident that our sales are SO good we don’t need a sale. Actually, I think it is more of a desire to find new ways to display something and just as soon as I think of a new way to show an old product, it is gone. Every retailer thinks the product assortment they’ve brought in is the best, why would they bring it in otherwise? Every retailer hates to say, “well, put it on sale. I bought too many, bought the hot item too late, or no one liked it as much as I.”
So, why is The Silver Barn having its first sale? I’m longing for that holiday buzz that shoppers get when the days are counting down to the last minute before the Christmas season is over. I’m in the mood to create a summer buzz, give back to our customers who have graciously supported my other baby (the first being my precious daughter, Cydney), and have some fun. In my estimation a sale should not be drudgery to get rid of the junk, it should be a great excuse for a party, a good way to say thanks for helping us become the hottest shopping destination in the region. NOW I’m being over-confident!
If you are around Columbus this weekend, come by, have a Senorita, taste one of our tasty treats and save 20% on everything, yes everything in the store. I said if I was having a sale, it was going to be fun!!


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