Texas, My Texas

A Salute to the Lone Star State

I am originally from Texas, by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. I was raised here, my grandfather’s father came here with the railroad before the turn of the century. Other than stints living back in Las Vegas and a fabulous 12 years in Chicago, I’ve always been a Texas girl. With all my travels, I’ve never seen a state so darn proud of itself. Everyone talks about Chicago, New York, LA, Vegas…but, Texas is, well, TEXAS. Yeah, you hear Dallas or Houston mentioned, but pretty much Texas is as they say in the song, a state of mind.

So, as I was moving the store around today I decided to say thank you to the people, the sites, the way of just being Texan that is hard to explain to anyone not lucky enough to be from this incredible place. It didn’t take long before I had a huge homage to everything Texas. From Jon Bonnell’s fabulous Texas cookbook to cowboy etiquette (yes, it does exist and I know some folks in places I won’t name that could learn from this book), to a plaque that proclaims a personal love of Texas and that Lone Star is everywhere around here. For all my years in Chicago I barely knew the state flag; Chicago flag – yes. Here, it is Texas state flags everywhere.

The stars at night are big and bright…deep in the Heart of Texas. Howdy from Texas. Y’all come on down and visit soon!


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