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The Temps!

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Whenever I come back from market, many of our customers ask, “What did you find?”  Quite often I say the best things I found were “in the temps”.  So, I thought I’d tell you about one discovery I made this year “IN THE TEMPS” which is the temporary showrooms.  These guys don’t have fancy showrooms with numerous reps helping and food and wine all around.  These guys are in a 10×10 booth crammed with merchandise and staff and hopefully customers.  (I always feel bad when I walk by an empty booth, they look so lonely.)

This time “in the temps” I found a great new company called Knollwood Lane where there were all sorts of new and different items.  From pillows to wall decor to a lazy susan out of an old tree to burb cloths featuring cute sayings.  Basically, my kind of place.  One stop shopping for all the areas of my two stores – Columbus and La Grange.  And, their booth was packed!  I love all of my traditional, showroom vendors and reps.  They know me, know the store, know what we carry so they don’t try to sell me crystal and chrome chandeliers in a Tuscan-Lodge rustic environment.  That is where the Temps can be a problem.  And, through the years I’ve seen some Temp vendors we’ve found move up to showrooms and find great success.  Nora Fleming and Mary Lake Thompson come to mind, and we’ve enjoyed watching and being a part of their growth.

But, there is something about finding that needle in a haystack that makes it all worth exploring the wonderful world of TEMPS.  So, when you explore our stores you will find those hidden gems as well, and we hope you feel the way we do when we find something very special.  That is our goal.  That is why we are here. That is why shopping independent is so important.  We all support independence and creativity in one form or another



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Well, Hello There……

When you live in the country, Internet is sometimes as attainable as flying to space for lunch.  NOT happening.  Without Internet it makes it hard to find the time to post blog reports.  So, the Silver Barn blog fell by the wayside while we focused on Facebook and Instagram which are a bit faster when all you need to do is post a picture versus a little info.

So, now here we go again.  We have loaded the spaceship, we have so much to share….and lunch on Mars is great!  The Martians gave me rabbit ears, we should be good to go with Internet in the country!

Tomorrow we will fill you in on Spring Market 2015 trends – as seen through the eyes of this little barn owner.cat4

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Wow! That’s Cool!


When anyone says there are no new ideas I have to wonder if they have ever visited FiNDS at The Dallas Market Center or any temporary booth at the various giftware shows across the country. The new ideas, or updated looks make me proud that we are a country of some very creative and innovative folks. I also like the idea of helping a new company get a foot in the door, getting to know the creators/owners and knowing the story behind their idea. We’ve introduced brands like Pass Christian Soap from Pass Christian, MS – a family-owned business devastated after Hurricane Katrina that is going strong today, Erin Smith coasters – we sold through the roof, and Wine-a-Rita, one of our favorite beverages based in Texarkana, TX. How lucky we are to have the ability to select something new to introduce and not be dictated to by some management “expert” in NYC or LA. Whether in Texas, Illinois or parts in between, it is our job to find the new, the fun, the innovative and bring them home to our customers.
So, this market we are excited to introduce some beautifully decorated pillowcases, a scented pillow insert using essential oils to help you relax, refresh or even help reduce snoring, and a new fun way to create logo items for your next party! Needless to say, we’ve got a lot going on Come see us soon.

Sleep Tight!

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Market Day 2


I only wish I knew how many miles I’ve been walking each day. My pedometer died! No, seriously! So, Becca and I are just assuming we could walk from Dallas back home to Columbus and still not beat the miles we are adding here at The Dallas Market. But, in between the evaluating, contemplating….and walking, we are having fun. Market is more fun thus far it seems. Now, I realize this is only the first official day, but we are seeing new fun giftable ideas, great kitchen items and some great home decor. But, I am also seeing a lighter step in the vendors, they are more excited about the product directions of some of their designers. I’m seeing “fun” again in many areas. So far today, I must say CBK/Midwest has done the best job of redoing their showroom and blending two great companies. Colors, I’m still not seeing anything that pounds me on the head over and over, but there is a lot of tangerine, my favorite Chartreuse is coming back in springy shades and (are we surprised) pink for spring. Tomorrow – another day of finding great things – all the way to next holiday season!


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To Market We Go

Vegas bids adieu

We are ready to go. Vegas packed the bags, posed for the picture test with the iPhone camera and says — have a good trip, find great stuff! The Dallas Market, to Dallas Market we go. THIS is on the top 10 of fun reasons why I love retail. We’ll send updates daily. Is tangerine really the “IN” color? Really? This sounds like shades of 1960’s avocado green! But, we’ll see. We’ll see what someone with a great vision than I has seen as something customers will want in 2010 and beyond. To all the designers and trendsetters out there – I salute you and look forward to seeing your vision…then finding a way to make it translate to my little corner of the retail world.
See you soon!


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