Wow! That’s Cool!


When anyone says there are no new ideas I have to wonder if they have ever visited FiNDS at The Dallas Market Center or any temporary booth at the various giftware shows across the country. The new ideas, or updated looks make me proud that we are a country of some very creative and innovative folks. I also like the idea of helping a new company get a foot in the door, getting to know the creators/owners and knowing the story behind their idea. We’ve introduced brands like Pass Christian Soap from Pass Christian, MS – a family-owned business devastated after Hurricane Katrina that is going strong today, Erin Smith coasters – we sold through the roof, and Wine-a-Rita, one of our favorite beverages based in Texarkana, TX. How lucky we are to have the ability to select something new to introduce and not be dictated to by some management “expert” in NYC or LA. Whether in Texas, Illinois or parts in between, it is our job to find the new, the fun, the innovative and bring them home to our customers.
So, this market we are excited to introduce some beautifully decorated pillowcases, a scented pillow insert using essential oils to help you relax, refresh or even help reduce snoring, and a new fun way to create logo items for your next party! Needless to say, we’ve got a lot going on Come see us soon.

Sleep Tight!


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