Another Market…Another Season

That's a LOT of reading!

After 5 days, miles and miles of walking and nearly 2′ of catalogs, the weary warriors have returned home to digest all we have ordered. So, what did we find? Interesting to see the jewel toned colors coming back after several years of brown/blue combos. We heard the same reports from all the vendors – Atlanta was fabulous; Dallas starting out well. Those are two things that would indicate we are heading in to a more optimistic year. Will that hold true as the months move along? Only time will tell. Nothing improves those jewel-toned colors will not be around by June. Something to watch in my estimation.
One of the most exciting things was the new ideas out there. Lots of giftable items, bridal emphasis seems to be changing, which is good for us since we are just now putting a strong emphasis on that. So, overall, a good market. Nothing stood out as the must have item, in our mind, that is a good thing. We like to create an overall ideal for your home, body and gifts. We are excited to bring in some recognized names in the next several months and excited to bring in some totally new and original ideas. Stay tuned as we unveil our new spring 2010 inspirations! And, yes, Artoo and Vegas, we did get new pet products!


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