Where’s Milton?

Mysterious Mr. Milton

As we get ready for spring – bunnies, flowers and such. A question has arisen recently. Where’s the duck? Where’s Milton? Well, hmm, we are (quite honestly) afraid to bring him out. When Milton made his debut last spring, filling our windows with their cute little yellow Wellington rubber boots and umbrellas, we got our first spring showers. Nothing unusual with that. Then, as it was time to move on to something new in the windows, Milton and his friends were packed up. We figured they’d be great again this year. As the Columbus area began to get dryer and dryer, hotter and hotter, everyone was searching for a way to get rain. We laughingly said we’d bring out our ducks. So, out marched our little duck brigade. Back into the window they landed. Within four days, after almost 75 days of no rain, temperatures in the triple digits…rain. Not a lot, but enough to give everyone the feeling they might survive this long, dreadful summer. Milton’s friends all went to new homes. We decided Milton had to stay. It rained some more. And, it rained even more. Finally, it rained so much we had to take Milton out of the window and put him in the warehouse…in his box.
So, considering it has been raining here since January 1 bringing Milton out is, quite frankly, tempting fate. Milton the Rain Duck needs to be held in reserve for that time we actually need rain.
However, if any of our friends are actually facing a drought in their area, Milton is available for a visit!


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