What Makes Silver Barn so Special?

Iron candleholder $80; Imageglow candle

Besides our customers, what makes Silver Barn so special? We work hard to find products that are unique, local artisans that have a special offering, foods that are more than a new take on the old sour cream dip. But, one element I never considered when opening the store was how we would find fabulous vendors through Twitter. @ImageGlow, @Petscribbles have added to our unique symphony of goodies. How would I ever have found these two unique and special people and their fabulous products if not for Twitter? THAT is an element of our store that I think is so very, very special – we find the unique, the special, from unusual places, merge them together and create pieces that work for any of our customers.
A perfect example is our fabulous wall piece – a hand-crafted iron sconce featuring a fleur de lis created by an artist out of Katy, Texas, and a great candle from ImageGlow. The delicate scoll work on the candle softens the heaviness of the ironwork. Two different pieces, from totally opposite ends of the country, merging in our little store in Columbus.
Thanks Twitter for giving retailers another place to search for great products for our customers.


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One response to “What Makes Silver Barn so Special?

  1. Louie Pena

    Hi Cynthia,

    I ran across this email from I guess two years ago – it seems The Silver Barn has turned two!
    Congrats – you have done a lovely job and am proud of your success!

    Best wishes to you – keep me posted. Who know’s -I may have to come see you!

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