The Jack-E-Bunny Table…and why I had to create it!

Bunny Display

So, I have a friend, Jackie. Known her for over 20 years. Knows she hates birds. Birds are big in 2010 I explain. She doesn’t care. So, for my friend Jackie, and others who are bird-phobic I created a spring display table I call the “Jack-E-Rabbit” display. I hate to tell my foe-feathered-friends that it is nearly impossible to do a spring display sans birds. I had the display all set, loved the two brass pots I turned into a floral/bunny tower and suddenly noticed – gasp – a bird candle holder. It snuck in on me I promise. But, it was quickly removed and replaced with candle holders I actually think work better. I love the brass pots, part of our truckload of goodies that arrived last week, and wanted to somehow show them in a different setting. Viola, bunny centerpiece was born. And, yes, that is a pussywillow bunny on top and on the table, and yes, they are the softest things ever.
So, Jackie, this bunny is for you – without a bird in sight! Happy spring!


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One response to “The Jack-E-Bunny Table…and why I had to create it!

  1. Jackie

    Thank you from the original Jack-E…and thank you on behalf of some other sure to be bird-a-phobic visitors to your site! (P.S. IF you had dealt with the NYC pigeons for the last 25+ years, you too may be avoiding my feathered enemies.)

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