I MUST Object!

Beware the dog...the cat not trustworthy either

Really? Really? We thought this was a good item to bring to the store? Really? “Beware of the dog, the cat is not trustworthy either.” I must say, kiss my furry little…..butt. I’ll show you some trust. I trust that this is NOT coming into our house. I trust that any cat that reads this will help their house staff see the errors of their ways. (Yes, cats read…geez). My little shopkeeper/servant may think this is a cute item for the store but she has also been known to laugh milk out of her nose. A brain trust she is not. I think there are lots of other products we could feature here. How about all the darn bunnies in the store? How about a new clock or something? But, no we want to feature a let’s-not-trust-the-cat. You think this is a good thing? Hmm…let’s think about it…..Smart, loving cats or slobbery, smelling dogs? I’m just sayin’!
Signed, Artoo

Artoo's Op Ed


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