Helping A Community That Has Helped Us All

When I opened Silver Barn almost four years ago I never dreamed I would gain so many friends. Oh, I thought I’d get to know folks in our little community, but never dreamed the depth that friendship would go. Now, I see many of those friends fighting to keep their homes and property from burning in an area wildfire that has affected over 2000 acres in our county alone.

Columbus, like much of Texas is under siege by the worst drought in over 100 years and now over 22 new fires have sprung up around our area. All of our volunteer fire departments are being stretched to the limits while they try to save lives, homes, animals, businesses and our beautiful Texas landscape.

I wondered how to help. I can’t donate food, I’m not a restaurant, but I can donate our store as a place for customers and friends to come and make a financial donation in our Donation Pot to help the volunteer firemen in our area. The Silver Barn is in such a great, central location just about anyone can easily stop by and drop some change into our Charity donation jar. The funds will be turned over to area VFD chiefs for them to distribute to the volunteer firefighters have chosen to continue to work the fire, save lives and homes, putting their own lives on hold. Or, since this fire has probably taxed fire department budgets so severely, the donations can offset some of the financial burden on these departments.

The store has enabled me to make many friends who have been there to help us grow. Now, it is our turn to show our thanks and give back in any way we can. Each week we’ll take whatever funds are donated and add to it to give these hardworking, volunteer families a little relief.


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