Doors Open All Kinds of Things….

“Where the heck have YOU been?” ask some of our blog followers. And, for quite some time I just didn’t have an answer. Well, we have been busy. Moving kids upstairs, moving Brighton to a special area, cleaning, redoing, ordering, shifting…and throwing in a tiny little vacation. But, to not communicate with our blog friends is like taking a sabbatical from our customers, no valid excuse for that.

So, today, after months of this…that and everything else. It hit me. Literally. As we were loading a great door I salvaged from an old hotel being torn down, it fell back on me. It hit me. “You are opening a new door for me!” Without knowing, we open doors every day to new adventures, new ideas, new directions. I sometimes wonder if we choose the path we take, or the path chooses us by moving in our way. Now, a door that stood in place for over 70 years, holding secrets, opening dreams, and for the last 30 years doing its part to keep a building together, moves to our little store to become a beacon of what one little door can do…open up new ideas.

Today, our little door left on a journey to get some tender, loving care. When she returns she will do what doors rarely do….well, I’m not ready to tell you all those secrets that lie behind a door!!


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