Catching Up with Friends


In our travels through life we meet many friends. Some we see over and over and they become a part of our memory of that area. I have “met” and fell in love with, we’ll call her Marsha, the concrete pig just outside Mason, Texas. We see her every time we make the 5 hour trip from Columbus to Brady for a little R&R. I have a friend who collects pigs so the third or fourth time I finally stopped and got a picture I uploaded to Facebook for my picture-perfect-pig-princess.

On my last visit “Marsha” was missing. It was a blow to my heart. What could’ve befallen my concrete omnivore? Had someone stolen her away to the big city and made her an attraction? She was too large to be nimbly transported from vacation spot to vacation spot for a photo essay for her family back home. I feared something horrible had happened and she would no longer enjoy the wandering deer and tipsy teens adding beads to her bovine frame.

Alas, this trip I was pleased and surprised to report. She has returned. She has had an obvious lift of some sort and she added a few piglets to her locale just West of Mason. The break did her well. She and her babes look fabulous and now she won’t have to sit out there along the highway by herself. She can now share all the sights and sounds with her darling little ones. Welcome home my dear friend. Mason, and I, have our friend back to mark our miles and seasons. I’m glad things are back to normal and I won’t have to go through life simply remembering this really cool milestone along the route of life.

After, mom & family


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